Wunderlich Handlebar muffs

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Heated grips (if available) only warm the palms of your hands and leave the back of your hands cold.

To protect your entire hand from wind, rain, and cold temperatures we bring to you these traditional handlebar muffs with a modern twist. Being made of high-quality, water-repellent, and dirt resistant material they can simply be slipped over your handlebars on each side and fastened with a Velcro-strap. A transparent window made from UV-resistant, flexible PVC glass which does not fade over time enables you to operate any control correctly.

These specifically developed handlebar muffs are available for any motorbike used with or without handprotectors and guarantee pure driving pleasure in any weather.

The facts Wunderlich handlebar muffs:

  • Fit any motorbike (with or without handprotectors)
  • Water-repellent and dirt resistant
  • Velcro-straps for quick fastening
  • Transparent window at the switch unit
  • Small packing size
  • 5-year warranty
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Tuulen ja sateen suojaa
By Tero, posted on 19 November 2018
Sormet on ollut parin syksyisen ajolenkin jälkeen lämpimät ja kuivat. Toisella lenkillä puolet ajasta kahvalämmitystä, eilen koko matkan. 5 asteen alla huomaa helposti eron.
Great Product
By daveyboy103, posted on 11 April 2018
Cannot recommend these highly enough. Keeps your hands warm and dry even in the heaviest of rain and coldest conditions. When working in conjunction with heated bars they are brilliant and doing their job
By Jack, posted on 21 February 2018
Bought these for my R1200RS (2017 model). Really brilliant product and reassuring to have the clear panels so you can see your control switches.
They do the job
By Pepe Perez-Sanz, posted on 29 December 2012
I put them on my 2011 BMW F800ST. The fit is good but the brake reservoir on the right side induces a little rotation which tilts the muff downward; this is not a problem as the muff is soft and pliable. A little wind gets in but only minimally. At speed the wind can collapse the sleeve opening making it tricky to get your hand back in after you take it out. I have used this item at highway speeds at low 20\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Fahrenheit with only my summer gloves and grip heaters. Very comfortable and my handlebar controls are fully visible. Minimal interference noted with my mirrors (I have mirror extenders). I am pleased with this purchase.
Don't leave home without them.. '07 R1200R
By Don Eilenberger, posted on 28 November 2012
Really. I've been known to toss them in a sidecase in mid-summer. They work great on an R1200R (with GS handguards installed.) They are good for cold weather, they're great for wet weather, and really great for cold/wet weather. I use my summer weight gloves under them and have to turn the heated grips off when it gets above about 40F. Below 40F, I periodically turn the grips on low, and have nice toasty warm hands.You do learn not to wave to another bike just as you're pulling up to a stop-sign or traffic light, but once you learn when it's safe to remove your left (or in my case either hand - I have a throttle drag O ring) they aren't a problem at all. Mine do stay open when moving even with my hand removed.One hint - my left one for some reason would flap at higher speeds (70MPH and up..) even with my hand in it. This was annoying. I fixed it by closing up the opening just a bit using a binder-clip on the inside of the sewed seam. When I get around to it, I'll sew it closed just a bit so I can remove the binder clip.All in all - 5 stars are deserved. They make winter riding much more fun!
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