Wunderlich handlebar riser - 20mm - silver

Wunderlich handlebar riser - 20mm - silver

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A barely-visible adjustment with a resounding effect:
  • Height increase of 20 mm.
  • Improved handling.
  • More direct riding feel.
  • Relaxed, upright riding posture.
  • No modification to the vehicle necessary.
  • Individually milled from strong Dural aluminium (not cast!).
  • Anodised silver.
  • Complete with bolt set.
  • TÜV approved.

In every respect a huge gain in rider comfort and improved handling feel. The GS feels even lighter and more agile. Simple to fit in seconds and without the need for any other modifications.

The increased height allows more adjustment of the handlebar tilt to further improve the sitting position.

Sold as a complete set incl. bolts and ABE approval.

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Customer Reviews

Fitting of Risers to F800 GT Review by Patrick
The instructions were very good and while the fitting took a couple of hours, it should only take about 2 hours. The only difficulty I experienced was the bolt holding the handlebar holders to the fork Yolk.
To do this you need to remove all the little rubber type ties and the zip ties to allow movement. This allows you to get hold of the 16mm bolt under the top fork yolk. This bolt has a dished washer holding the rubber mounting and the bolt . Be carefull that you catch both when removing the bolt from the top as if it falls off it can end up in the fairing. Be sure to check every bolt you touched for tightness when you finish. Check all routing of cables and looms that nothing is being stretched too much. Drive cafefully on your test run and check everything for smooth operation. (Posted on 16/11/2013)

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