Wunderlich Header pipe protector Dakar - silver

Wunderlich Header pipe protector Dakar - silver

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We hardly recognised the highly sensitive header pipe assembly on our GS after the first off-road excursion: twisted and dents everywhere.

The exposed pipes are in the direct firing line of the front wheel: Anything thrown up and away by the front wheel can hit the pipes unhindered. This can only be prevented by a sophisticated protection: The protector exactly matches the round radius of the header pipe assembly, made from stainless steel.

Extremely resistant stainless steel alloy lending new and lasting appeal to the otherwise brownish pipe. Also fits our sports header pipe assembly (protection of the balance pipe not necessary).

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Customer Reviews

A "nice to have" product Review by Schwarzkopf
This is designed to minimise the scratches from stones and debris from asphalt on the exhaust pipes. They get quite fragile and susceptible to damage when they are hot. This product provided very good cover for them in my case (ADV LC) and had another effect which was surprising, it acted as a heat conductor and even at very high RPMs my exhaust pipes did not go darker and stayed as shiny as they were at the time I purchased the bike, instead those protectors changed texture and colour. If you are riding at dirty environments I seriously recommend that. (Posted on 07/05/2017)
R1150GS Adventure Review by Lawrence
Fits perfectly to the 1150gs and the 1150gs adventure, 37 cm in length.

pretty easy to fit if you have the right tools.

good service from wunderlich! (Posted on 28/12/2014)

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