Wunderlich headlight grille »SPIDER-PROTECT«

Wunderlich headlight grille »SPIDER-PROTECT«

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Design grille for original auxiliary headlights (LED)

A flying stone or a moment’s inattention can mean an expensive end for the original fog lights. The black original is also permanently enhanced with an exclusive two-colour design and the inlaid stainless steel grill.

The facts:

  • Impact resistant ABS plastic with arched and polished stainless steel grille (grille wires individually welded).
  • Simply clips on to the original auxiliary headlights. No bolts etc. needed.
  • Easy to remove at any time.
  • Original auxiliary headlights become a design element.
  • Reliable protection for the original fog lights.
  • No reflections or risk of glare.
  • Easy to clean headlights and grill.
  • Simple fitting.
  • 60 days right of return.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Lamp grille for original LED auxiliary headlights.

For all original auxiliary headlights (LED).

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Tight fit
By Ulf, posted on 9 July 2018
They blend in perfectly in the design and look very nice. The o-ring has a function as it prevents the holder from rattling and it creates a distance between the metal grate and the glass. However, it is very difficult to press the holder in position with the o-ring in the assembly. I only succeeded on one side and even then only with the clip on one side, meaning it would probably pop off when you ride on bumpy roads. I decided to use them without the oring in order to get all bits with me home, but that sort of defeats the purpose of protection against rocks...
A well thought out product but with the tolerances on the wrong side.
like a glove
By Jyrki, posted on 28 January 2018
install was very easy without rubber gasket but i try again later with gasket, looks great like it is original part of foglight
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