Wunderlich helmet anti-theft system "HelmLock"

Wunderlich helmet anti-theft system "HelmLock"

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The safest and easy to handle helmet anti-theft system for the new R 1200 GS LC and Adventure LC.

Thanks to an additional, spring supported locking bar it’s absolutely impossible to open the slings without pulling up the seat. That makes our anti-theft system completely different from many other models.

The carefully covered security rope takes two helmets at the same time and, when is not needed, can be simply stowed in the suspension unit. An enormously helpful product. Once you own it, you wouldn’t miss it anymore..

The facts:

  • Easy anti-theft securing of up to two helmets.
  • No additional lock etc. needed. Access to release is protected by the seat lock.
  • The aluminium suspension unit is fastened under the seat by means of two screws.
  • Safety rope can be stowed in the suspension unit when is not used.
  • 5 mm steel rope.
  • High-strenght grouting.
  • With stainless steel reinforced thimble to protect the rope.
  • Thick silicon coating against abrasion and paint damages.
  • Includes mounting set.
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Customer Reviews

A "should have" product Review by Schwarzkopf
If you are travelling a lot with your tail bag and side panniers full (generally all space taken by the your other half), when you do a pit stop, either you will have to carry your helmets to everywhere with you which is a pain when it is very hot, or you will get this item, bolt them to your bike and leave them in safety, walk around the place you want. It saves a lot of space and gives you the opportunity not to carry the helmet where ever you go. Believe me, under mediterranean sun, 42 degrees with no wind, that helmet with no doubt becomes a burden very very fast. (Posted on 07/05/2017)

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