Wunderlich International ON-/OFFROAD CATALOG 2019
  • Wunderlich International ON-/OFFROAD CATALOG 2019

Wunderlich International ON-/OFFROAD CATALOG 2019

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We are delighted to present you the third edition of our complete multilingual catalogue. We have put a lot of effort into presenting you with an interesting selection of our products for your motorcycle. In it you will naturally also find plenty of ideas for the latest BMW models, and as is always the case with us: Quality comes first! We offer you carefully developed, extensively tested products, guaranteed to give you great enjoyment. Our work is a pleasure to us and we ourselves have fun doing it, this you will notice.


Maybe you forget something
By AkisGSpot, posted on 30 January 2019
The catalogue have nothing for the old models (before 2013).
Owner of r1200gs 2007 (k25). Disrespectful for all the owners with older models. You obligate to search the site for this.
Thank you for your message. First of all, we want to say that we are far from treating our customers with disrespect. But on the contrary!

Our assortment consists of well over 3,700 products, which are intended fort the /5 models, which were manufactured in 1969 up to the current shiftcam-models. All items added together, we would have to hang up a catalog with over 1,800 unwieldly pages. That's why we're forced to make a selection that focuses on the current models. For our International Catalog, we also present the products in 4 languages, so that we can give as many of our valued international customers as possible an overview of our product range. The catalog can only serve to provide an overview of the diverse Wunderlich product range. Even for the models presented in the International Catalog we can not invariably present all the matching products because that would go beyond the scope. Precautionary, we therefore point out in many sections of the catalog that we can only present a selection of models and products and ask our customers to obtain a more comprehensive overview in our clearly arranged online shop.

The shop-link to the aircooled R 1200 GS models is the following:

We would be delighted if our remarks are helpful and would like to reiterate that we regret if you feel treated with disrespect. This does not match our attitude.

Kind regards,
viele Grüße

Your Wunderlich-Team
By Carlo, posted on 24 January 2019
Great stuff, a must have!
Very useful publication.
By hyperbob, posted on 6 January 2019
An abundance of tempting accessories for every BMW motorcycle.
By Phil, posted on 29 December 2018
Good stuff, this. I've been looking for a few things recently, and I've found everything I want in this new catalogue!
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