Wunderlich luggage system

A systematic approach to packing.

The Wunderlich luggage system

Individual, adaptable, scalable, systematic and integrated – we offer you the ideal luggage system for your own specific requirements

INDIVIDUAL: You can choose between our legendary ELEPHANT luggage system, the puristic ELEPHANT DRYBAG system and the rugged adventure cases in our EXTREME range, which we offer in two versions: regular with 89-litre storage volume and slimline with 75-litre storage volume (80 mm narrower).

ADAPTABLE: The ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG luggage systems are 100% compatible with the rugged adventure cases in the EXTREME range – both the regular and the slimline cases.

SCALABLE: In more ways than one. Firstly, most of the ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG bags are equipped with functional pull-outs, offering a variable volume that you can adjust to your own personal requirements. In addition, the bags can be combined for your intended application. For example, the tank bag is often enough for everyday rides, while the case top bags, seat bags and luggage rack bags are ideal for extended trips or holidays.

SYSTEMATIC: The ideal ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG models for any purpose:

  • The tried-and-tested tank bag
  • The functional top bags for your cases
  • The universal seat and luggage rack bag
  • Plus model-specific bags, such as the side bags for water-cooled GS boxer models, wind deflector bags or those designed specifically for the tank protection bar.

INTEGRATED:All ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG system bags come with an integrated holder system that is comparable with the MOLLE system used by the military. These are simply strapped on to extend your storage volume.

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