Wunderlich number plate holder "SPORT" (with Kellermann indicators) - black

Wunderlich number plate holder "SPORT" (with Kellermann indicators) - black

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Light, filigrane and classy – a crass contrast to the massive original. The new R nine T is a puristic Retro Boxer, therefore, the bulky original carrier does not fit to the overall concept.

The facts:

  • Lightweight, tight-fitting and reduced to the bare essentials aluminium license plate carrier.
  • Adjustable inclination.
  • Thanks to oblong holes, the license plate can be also displaced in height.
  • Indicator brackets can be easily moved to the side through laterally extendable slides .
  • Indicator can be positioned at several locations to the vehicle axis.
  • Same drilling pattern as for the original license plate (no other drill holes necessary)
  • Form-fit, lightweight bracket for original tail light with flowing transition to the seat.
  • The number plat holder (below the seat) covers the gap under the seat-bottom .
  • Large storage space (for example, for a tool bag).
  • Laser cut, coated Aluminium.
  • Can be combined with all original turn signals (standard & LED).
  • Passenger seat mounting as the original.
  • Incl. cat’s eye reflector carrier (also height adjustable) and E- approved cat’s eye reflector.
  • TÜV-free (E-approved –no registration required).

Scope of supply: base carrier for installation below the seat with 3 possible indicator positions, rear light version of your choice, license plate carrier, rear light bracket with flush transition to seat, cat’s eye /- carrier.

With Kellermann indicator „Micro Rhombus“

For original 2 persons seat + original hump.

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