Wunderlich Oil cooler protection grill - black

Wunderlich Oil cooler protection grill - black

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The oil cooler of the K 1600 GT and GTL is not only soiled quickly by insects and dirt, it can also be easily damaged by stones. Our high quality guard protects the oil cooler effectively and covers the optically unsightly gap in the fairing.

It is mounted with two screws which guarantee a stable positioning.

The facts:

  • easy mounting
  • reliable protection against stone impact and dirt
  • 5 years warranty
  • Made in Germany

Available as of the beginning of 2013

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Customer Reviews

I agree with Kenneth Review by Ron
This grill is fantastic, mounts in a few minutes and the fit is perfect. You don't things can get in there and cause damage, take a closer look. Since I can't yell "shields up" and get any results, this will provide your oil cooler some much needed protection (Posted on 22/04/2013)
Why Didn't BMW think of this? Review by Kenneth Klein
A common problem with so many 'water and oil cooled' bikes is that there was 'No Protection' for the 'Thin Waffer like' radiators.No matter where you ride when it begins to get warm out you can see on your 'windscreen' (if you have one the amount of 'bugs' you kill.Before this on my 05 K1200GT, I couldn't believe that BMW didn't use something to protect the radiator. I simply went out and got some 'Screen Mesh' and covered it myself. Did the same with my Suzuki GS650F. My 'Run & Fun' Bike!With my K1600GTL, BMW has taken care of the radiator but not the 'oil cooler'. Why Not? Ask them. Fortunately Wunderlich does them 'one better' and now has a well designed and Good Looking Shield to take care of the problem! Installing it took about '20 minutes' and it 'looks good' as do it work as advertised. I'd order one for your GT or GTL 'Right Away'! Caution! If you have some 'bugs' of stones already stuck in the cooler, DON'T try to use a 'screwdriver or the like to remove them. Buy some 'Spray Air'. It works better and is safer for the 'oil cooler'! This isn't a 'should get'. It's a Must Get' (Posted on 02/04/2013)

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