Wunderlich One-piece Faux Leather Seat - black

Wunderlich One-piece Faux Leather Seat - black

Part No. 44114-202
Price: €799.00
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The object of purchase may not include potentially shown accessory parts.

One-piece, laboriously-constructed driver's seat made of robust, black faux leather. The dimensionally stable seat is equipped with a deep-drawn shell made of high-strength, thermoplastic synthetic and a handmade multi-layer design. It is absolutely suitable for long distances because of its fine, non-slip support and optimal weight distribution over the entire seat.

The breathable nappa cover has a pleasant touch, prevents slipping, and is UV ray and sweat resistant. The closing seam is also top stitched and the cross stitching is reinforced with dimensionally stable reflex foam. Delivery includes complete mounting kit.

The original driver's and pillion seat, the pillion framework, the rear frame, the wheel cover, and the rear light and the blinker lights are placed at the rear during the assembly of this seat. Please order the following items separately:

  • 44201-202 Exhaust raise kit R nineT
  • and or 44201-102 Exhaust bracket R nine T
  • 44114-102 LED Devil's Eye rear light
  • 44113-202 Cube blinker for rear light renovation

as well as

  • 38981-002 License plate holder


38981-302 Swinging license plate holder

This seat is also available with a brown leather cover (44114-003).

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