Wunderlich Paralever crash pad »DOUBLESHOCK« - black

Wunderlich Paralever crash pad »DOUBLESHOCK« - black

Part No. 20350-002
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Small, but ingenious and efficient. Our crash pads protect the sensitive instrument surrounds and are themselves resistant to any damage.

These crash protectors, already proven in racing, keep the tarmac at a safe distance and prevent major damages to the expensive final drive housing. Installation is simple. Remove the original plastic cap, insert the slider and tighten the central bolt. Tightening the bolt expands the sleeve and the slider is locked firmly in place.

The facts:

  • Effective protection.
  • double protection against impact and grinding
  • Racing-Design for low frictional resistance/shear force for a lightly tipping over
  • Highly resistant special plastic.
  • User-friendly and quick installation.
  • Complete with everything needed.
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy to fit
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easy to mount
By very good, posted on 2 August 2017
Discreet looking crashpad for the hole of the paralever. Very easy to mount. Made of good quality material.
very good
By Han, posted on 24 July 2017
very easy to mount en looks great on the bike
By Adam Badzioch, posted on 8 April 2013
super easy to put on!!
Odd issue, but figured it out
By Bob in CT, posted on 10 January 2013
Had an odd issue w/ this part. Out of the package, the nut that expands the slotted cylinder had been tightened onto the bolt so far that it had already started to expand the cylinder, so much so that even after I backed the nut off, the cylinder had been expanded so much that it wouldn't fit into the hole on the bike. So I used pliers to crimp the cylinder back to a shape so that it would fit into the intended hole in the paralever. But the next issue was that the rubber sleeve around the cylinder had been expanded to a point that it wouldn't fit into the hole on the paralever. So what really should have been a 30 second installation, at most, was instead 10 minutes of fiddling (and cursing) with this thing. Again, all of this was caused by the nut being tightened too far onto the bolt (and thus causing the expansion cylinder to expand) before it was put in the package and shipped. An odd issue. Seems like a quality part otherwise.