Wunderlich quick fastener Media Bag - black

Wunderlich quick fastener Media Bag - black

Part No. 21021-002
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Firm, safe and handy quick fastener for our Mediabag or other bags. The unique MultiPod bracket system connects the whole to the vehicle and provides a perfect adjusting in every direction. It’s also fitted as a versatile bracket for cameras etc. Other brackets can also be mounted or the plate can be fitted directly on the handle bar with a clamp.

The facts:

  • Can be used with the MultiPod series or with any other bracket, for example with a clamp on the handle bar.
  • Very easy mounting and removing.
  • Sturdy, safe metal bracket. Can be used for mounting other equipments or for a navigation bag (for example our MediaBags EVO).
  • T-nax quick fastening for safe holding and easy handling.
  • Black, plastic-coated aluminium support plate and VA connecting elements.
  • Complete with mounting set.
  • Easy mounting of bags or another equipments.
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