Wunderlich R nineT Cafe Racer

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R 1200 GS LC

To mark our company's 30th anniversary, we decided to give ourselves a present. Built in the café racer style, our white R nineT was created according to the unique ideas of our CEO, Frank Hoffmann. And it's not only a hit visually; the Ninette also scores thanks to its impressive technology.

The original fork has been extended by 15mm and now sits deeper in the fork bridge, which results in a total height of 30mm. This not only increases the spring size, but together with the 15-mm-longer, fully adjustable Wunderlich shock absorber, also significantly improves the handling characteristics. The shock absorber and fork can be supplied in black on request.
The suspension is perfected by the adjustable Wunderlich Paralever strut and the Wunderlich steering damper.

The elevated exhaust, which allows any after-market silencer (or the standard silencer) to be fitted, creates an extremely appealing flat-track look.

The stub handlebars and single seat — here in light brown leather — transform this roadster into a truly athletic café racer.

The picture-perfect hump seat will be available soon in leatherette, genuine leather or Alcantara; many of the other components installed in the café racer are already in stock. Our huge product range for the R nineT is rounded off with handlebar end indicators and mirrors, a MotoGadget dashboard, various number plate holders and much more, including our highly successful complete conversions.


Here you can see the direct comparison to the original


Fitted parts:
MultiClip Sport ERGO | Part No.: 35632-002
Brake lever | Part No.: 25750-305
Clutch lever | Part No.: 25760-305
Wunderlich One-Piece Real Leather Seat brown | Part No.: 44114-003
LED Devil's Eye R nineT Rear Light | Part No.: 44114-102
Blinker Cube (Set) | Part No.: 44113-202
Exhaust raise kit | Part No.: 44201-202
Kellermann Bar End Turn Signal | Part No.: 36341-102
Valve cover & cylinder protectors | Part No.: 35610-002
Mirror stem for handlebar end | Part No.: 36370-002
Mirror stem adapter | Part No.: 36380-002
Mirror housing RACE | Part No.: 36390-002
Mirror clamp for additional mirror (Set) | Part No.: 21211-102
Clutch and brake reservoir cover set | Part No.: 27040-103
Brake calliper dirt trap | Part No.: 43540-002
Wunderlich intake grid Le Mans | Part No.: 42751-002
Oil cooler guard | Part No.: 31961-002
Side stand enlarger | Part No.: 32421-000
Motoscope holder for stub handlebars | Part No.: 44481-102
Motoscope pro Tacho | Part No.: 44481-000
Swing arm number plate holder centered | Part No.: 38981-302
Wunderlich Suspension rear | Part No.: Konfigurator
Fork Nightline | Part No.: auf Anfrage
Wunderlich Suspension 875 | Part No.: Konfigurator
Manifold Sport | Part No.: 44202-000
Exhaust heat protection tape | Part No.: 44260-102
Crash Protectors DoubleShock | Part No.: 42149-002
Paralever crash pad | Part No.: 20350-002
Throttle sensor cover | Part No.: 26800-002
Safety oil filler plug | Part No.: 27440-003
Paralever torque arm VARIO | Part No.: 26360-003
Gear lever enlargement touring | Part No.: 26240-001
Cover for Paralever torque arm | Part No.: 34130-001

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Wunderlich One-piece Faux Leather Seat black | Part No.: 44114-202
Wunderlich One-Piece Real Leather Seat brown | Part No.: 44114-003
Swing arm number plate holder centered | Part No.: 38981-302
Exhaust raise kit | Part No.: 44201-202
Motoscope holder for stub handlebars | Part No.:44481-102
LED Devil's Eye R nineT Rear Light| Part No.: 44114-102

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Wunderlich "Open Road"- image video with the R nineT:

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