Wunderlich rider seat »AKTIVKOMFORT« - standard - black

Wunderlich rider seat »AKTIVKOMFORT« - standard - black

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Logo WüstentümmlerThis product is in use at the WÜSTENTÜMMLER! Curious?
More information can be found on www.wunderlich-fernweh.de

The new generation of ERGO Seats: Well-thoughtthrough at every step of the design, with many innovative solutions.

The original seat suffers from an unfavourable form which places undue strain on the tailbone, and the angle of the seat leads many riders to adopt a bad pelvic position.

To counter this we use a foam core with completely new contours and a unique fabric, developed with great care and at no little expense.

The facts:

  • Distinctly shaped (concaved) seating area.
  • Relief of pressure on the tail bone and optimised weight distribution across the whole seat.
  • Improved pillion contours for improved forward hold.
  • Progressive double-layer construction with soft upper layer and rigid core for even distribution of forces.
  • Uncompromising durability for long distance use.
  • Non-slip, anti-perspiration material combined with Alcantara suede seams.
  • Strong RoburC seat pan of our own construction.
  • Classy recessed cut seams.
  • Seams glued and heat-sealed on modern PFAFF hot-air welding machines for 100% impermeability.
  • Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris).
  • Made in Germany.

Individually-adjusted heights!
Alongside the standard seat height (regular) we also offer a lower (low) version which anchors the rider
firmly on the seat, giving the feeling of really sitting IN the bike.

Pure relaxation!

An ergonomic design precisely tailored to the riding position. As a rider, this also lets you have long-lasting touring pleasure. We were also able to sustainably improve the support (in particular while braking), which leads to significantly more relaxing touring enjoyment. The progressive foam core and the relief to the coccyx silence any complaints.



Great upgrade in my bike’s comfort .
By Joaquim, posted on 28 December 2019
After a 8.000 kms journey to Greece with the OEM gel seats, which were really uncomfortable after 5-6 hours of riding in hot weather, I took the right decision and replaced them with the Wunderlich Aktivconfort seats..now the GS is a long distance comfortable touring bike!
Ergo seat gives pleasant relief
By Shaun walker, posted on 27 July 2017
To say that this seat is brilliant is a big understatement. Makes the bike brilliant. I would always have one on any bike.
Excellent product!
By Pascal, posted on 3 June 2014
First impressions usually mean a lot...

The first impression I had from the 2013+ LC R1200GS was poor, at best. Within two hours of riding, I knew that the stock seat would not do it for me. What a shame for an otherwise fabulous(!!!) motorbike that comes at 21000 Euros. BMW could have done _much_ better and this statement is proven by Wunderlich's replacement ERGO seat.

It could of course be me but then I do see that I do not have much trouble in Googling pages with regard to replacement seats for all kinds of motorbikes. There must be a reason for that.
BMW is not the only motorcycle manufacturer suffering from this...

The other bike I have (since 1996) is a Harley Davidson Road King. That bike too came with a seat that was very similar to the stock seat of the R1200GS LC or in other words, _way too soft_ .
I replaced the seat with a Corbin solo and loved it from the first hour. The Corbin is still on my bike and it has given me full satisfaction for 96.000+ km.

In search for a better solution I went to the Corbin site to find out that there is no solution for the liquid cooled GS at present, dropped them an email to which they never responded (their seats are obviously better than their communication) and started looking elsewhere.
From a user review on the adventure rider forum I got charmed by the Wunderlich Ergo as the review described its features very much like my beloved Corbin seat. Buying a seat without being able to test it (and then test it long enough...) is a risky thing to do but I took the jump.

When I mounted the seat I was impressed by its build quality. It most certainly matches the quality of the bike it is mounted on. Soon after I took the bike out of a ride. The ride took much longer than expected...

Right from the very first contact, I knew that this seat would make the difference. It immediately felt like the Corbin when it was taken out of its box. The top layer is quite soft but underneath there is a much denser/stiffer/harder foam that gives the seat an overall harder feeling.
Even though it lowers the height of the seating position, it is a bit wider. Riders having trouble reaching the ground with the stock BMW seat should be warned that this will become (a bit) worse. However, Wunderlich does make a lower version too.

So, by now you have understood that I am a happy owner. I cannot say much about the durability yet as I have only had it for a short amount of time. I also realize that it still needs to change properties after bedding in for a long enough time. That looks very promising! It looks like I found the seat that will allow me to happily spend a day on it and take a 1100km ride from my home to the south of France in one go, something I have done numerous times on the Road King.

Well done Wunderlich! Great product indeed.

Happy riding and greetings from Belgium.
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