Wunderlich Rider seat »AKTIVKOMFORT«

Wunderlich Rider seat »AKTIVKOMFORT«

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The new generation of seat: thoughtfully designed with many innovative solutions. The original seat has an unfavourable design that puts strain on the coccyx and the incline of the seat surface results in many riders having the wrong pelvic posture. We've swapped this for a foam core with a completely new and unique contour and unique material construction.

The facts:

  • Distinctive concave profile (recess in middle of seat)
  • Relieves the coccyx and optimises weight distribution across the entire seat
  • Progressive two-layer construction with soft top layer and rigid core guarantees and even strength distribution
  • Sweat-reducing, grippy cover material, combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara
  • High-strength "RoburC" shell of our own construction
  • Refined, dropped "Cut" seams
  • Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines
  • Seat height 20 mm higher than standard seat height, also available in standard seat height
  • Also available as a passenger seat
  • Absolutely perfect for long journeys
  • Made in Germany


Improves the RS riding geometry - a great upgrade
31 January 2020
I am 6’2” and wanted a higher seat for my BMW R1250RS. I replaced the standard BMW seat with the high version of the Wunderlich offering and the extra 20mm height has transformed the riding position for me. It’s a much more comfortable ride due to the geometry. The seat feels wider and a little firmer – both make it more comfortable for longer rides.
Overall, I’m very happy with the upgrade.
15 January 2020
The standard seat is too soft and low for the R1200R LC resulting in saddle discomfort on longer rides (male, 1.74 height, 81cm inside leg).

It’s a pricey investment but increases the leg angle and cures the problem, whilst also giving a more involved and enjoyable riding posture. I can still get both feet down flat.

The same space is provided beneath the seat for the rider manual.
Excellent seat in terms of riding position and quality.
24 December 2018
Recently purchased my Bmw R1200R 2018 model that came with the standard seat, and it is an absolute joy to ride, but as a kind of tall rider (182 cm) i had a bit of discomfort in the knees after some riding, because the seat was too low and that put some pressure on the knees so opted to get the Bmw sport seat which is the highest and that did help a bit but still with both seats i had a problem that my body was moving a little back and forth on the seat while downshifting
or breaking (waist moving forward)and also while accelerating (waist moving backward) because the sport seat is almost flat so your not really fixated in one position, i got to the point where i was considering to change the bike to be honest although i find it awesome ,but was not a comfortable riding position to ride the bike so as a last resort decided to try the Wunderlich high seat, and had received it today and was worried that it won't make a big difference but as a matter of fact it made all the difference because although it is a high seat it is not flat, it has a somewhat slightly curved spot where you know this is your seating position and it will hold you there so minimal movement snd it is super comfortable there :) so spot on..thank you Wunderlich, also purchased the passenger seat which i would recommend as well, as it has a higher step like effect and it will actually keep you more in place during quick acceleration.and did lower footpegs and change gear lever position that helped a bit more, so yeah Happy biker now :)
Really nice product.
12 September 2018
prachtig afgewerkt product. Maakt rijden met de motor veel meer komfortabel. Een aanrader voor elke motorrijder.
Great seat
18 February 2018
I fitted a Wunderlich tubular high bar conversion on my 2016 R1200rs so then needed to decide on changing seat or foot pegs. After a quick test using 2 old gel seats I decided a new seat was the way to go. Fitted my new seat and it feels great, much better position now for my legs and arms. Feels similar position to a GS but much lighter, lower and without all the bulk. A bonus is I can put it back to a sport set up in less than an hour, so I now have 2 bikes for the price of 1. Happy Days!!!
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