Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

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Little trick - big effect! Simply swapping the original rubber grommets for this loweringkit makes the rider’s seat at the front drop by 10 mm. Those 10 mm often make the decisive feel good factor of the BMW. Simply swap in one easy move and you can remove it again just as fast.

The facts:

  • High-quality, extremely resistant hard rubber material
  • 100% perfect fit and secure seat
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Seat lowered by 10 mm
  • Suitable for many models (please observe vehicle allocation)
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
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By will, posted on 25 September 2019
great like product, being short and owning a GS every little helps. Quick and easy to install
prijs kwaliteit een topper
By Polle, posted on 12 September 2019
Gemakkelijk te plaatsen met een duidelijk verschil.
Abit pricey, but alot cheaper than buying a new seat. Easy to fit, and very fast delivery. I could tell the difference immediately.
By BIGALYANKAVICH, posted on 22 July 2019
As per summary
Used it to increase it by 1 cm
By Sjoerd, posted on 20 June 2019
I used this product not to lower, but to gain some height because i’m tall. Works perfectly as well (i did place some extra rubbers underneat the 4 supporting ones just to make sure the seat won’t bend), gives me a more relaxing seat and saved me a lot by not bying an expensive higher seat.
Simpel en goed.
By Witte., posted on 29 April 2019
Simpel en makkelijk te monteren. Slechts op enkele minuten staat het erop. Prima.
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