Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

Wunderlich Rider seat lowering kit - black

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Little trick - big effect! Simply swapping the original rubber grommets for this lowering/raising kit makes the rider’s seat at the front drop by 10 mm. Those 10 mm often make the decisive feel good factor of the GS . Simply swap in one easy move and you can remove it again just as fast.

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Good and simple solution
By Stef, posted on 30 May 2018
I already have a lowered version of the S1000XR but this 10mm lowering makes it easier for me to handle the bike.
Excellent product.
By ronaldo, posted on 18 May 2018
can't understand BMW they wanted me to buy another seat for £369
postage was expensive but can now plank both feet works great
Excellent simple way of decreasing driver seat hight.
By Karsten R. Olsen, posted on 21 February 2018
Lowering the seat by 1 cm increase the feeling of being able to manage the bike with both feet solid on the ground at a stop. Installation takes only a minute - a cheap alternative to a lowered seat - and the comfort of original seat remain.
Excelente quality
By João Vieira , posted on 7 October 2017
Excelente quality
Simple and effective way to lower GS seat.
By David O'C, posted on 2 October 2017
This product is so simple to fit, only tales seconds to replace the original spacers. The front of the seat is lowered nearly 1cm which does make a difference when you can only get your toes to the ground. Easy to remove as well. Definitely worth a try for shorter riders.