Wunderlich Switchgear unit Fast Shift
  • Wunderlich Switchgear unit Fast Shift

Wunderlich Switchgear unit Fast Shift

Part No. 26281-100
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The FastShift module is a switchgear unit which allows changing up gear quickly, without using the clutch.

This procedure can considerably save time in racing. However is not only reserved for racing! Changing up gear without using the clutch provides furthermore a relaxing riding, also in the road traffic.

The kit incudes:
  • Eccentric adjuster for foot lever
  • FastShift module EVO sensor
  • Plug&Play Blackbox EVO

The facts:

  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • Adjustable interruption period for 5 ducts (senquential starting of ignition).
  • Adjustable switching direction, tension or pressure.
  • High quality CNC machined sensor.
  • Narrow widths of sensor, dimensions (LxWxH) 96 x 15 x 23 mm.
  • (re)programmable Hall sensor.
  • Prestressed way (+/- 3mm) with springs (max. +/- 25kg).
  • Output signal (opened collector), by choice adjustable as closed or open.
  • Factory-set for dismantling and reprogramming.
  • Preset system.

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