Wunderlich Twinshock 2V battery box stainless steel

Wunderlich Twinshock 2V battery box stainless steel

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The stainless steel battery box is extremely light and gives your BMW the "vision". A clear view through the frame triangle lends the BMW a wiry look. The battery box is made to take a lithium ion battery with either 14Ah or 20Ah. Both batteries do their job flawlessly, even under high compression. The batteries weight 1000 g and 1200 g, respectively. This represent a weight saving of over 6 kg! A lithium ion battery can take six times more charging cycles than a conventional battery. Self-charging only accounts for 5% per month. A rewarding purchase over time.

The battery box is optimally suited both for the original tail as for any tail conversion. Can be used with or without filter box.

R 100 CS, R 100 RS, R 100 RT, R 100 S, R 100 T, R 45/1, R 45/2, R 65, R 65 LS, R 65/1, R 65/2, R 75/5, R 75/6, R 75/7

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