Wunderlich Urban G/S - for when it gets rough

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Our Urban G/S - for when it gets rough

We’re making the R nineT Urban G/S ready for off-road

The Urban G/S also cuts an impressive figure in dark blue with our latest remodel. In creating this, we’re not just limiting ourselves to optics. With our 70 mm higher Wunderlich suspension chassis and popular adjustable paralever strut, the G/S is a truly fun machine off the asphalt. It comes with lugged tires that are not just a decorative accessory.

Our G/S Scrambler likes it rougher. The motorcycle and pilot are well protected by our crash bar in the same vehicle colour, the dark handguards and diverse other protectors from our extensive pool of products. Speaking of the pilot, the style exudes a confident reminder of former twin-valve times with a single seat and practical luggage carrier is behind it. The minimalist rear fender and perfectly adapted light screen are both functional and visually strong, as is the painted number plates and many other details we’ve dreamt up. The highly attractive painting of the Urban G/S was also done by our partner Norbert Weyers and we are happy to facilitate contact with the paint centre.

Our portfolio for the Urban G/S also includes attractive luggage solutions and various ergonomic improvements and additions.

In development:
Fender rear R nineT white / Part No.: 27761-002
Seat one-Piece black or orange / Part No.: 44114-302
Luggage rack R nineT / Part No.: 31742-302
Windscreen R nineT Urban G/S shadow / Part No.: 45140-002
Licence plate holder Enduro-Sport / Part No.: 38981-410

Other products:
Wunderlich Suspension, 70mm higher
Cartridgekit Wunderlich Suspension 70mm higher
Wunderlich brake clutch Vario Lever / Part No.: 35700-102
Vario Lever clutch lever / Part No.: 25760-402
Gear lever enlargement classic version / Part No.: 26230-001
Paralever crash pad / Part No.: 20350-002
Crash Protectors DoubleShock R nineT Scrambler / Part No.: 42149-102
Exhaust flap cover / Part No.: 26930-002
Brake caliper cover set / Part No.: 41980-102
Engine protection plate Dakar / Part No.: 26820-102
Wunderlich Header pipe protector / Part No.: 26900-101
Wunderlich indicator protection set short front / Part No.: 42841-102
Wunderlich intake grid Le Mans / Part No.: 42751-002
Side stand enlarger / Part No.: 32421-202
Indicator set for licence plate holder SWING / Part No.: 36342-602
Safety oil filler plug / Part No.: 27440-003
Swingarm Pivot Cover classic design / Part No.: 28290-202
Wunderlich wing arm cap Classic right / Part No.: 34090-004
Clutch and brake reservoir cover set / Part No.: 27070-202
Brake reservoir protector rear / Part No.: 26970-002
Gearbox plug cover / Part No.: 28870-001
Cover for Paralever torque arm / Part No.: 34130-001
Paralever torque arm VARIO / Part No.: 26360-003
Wunderlich Cruise Control / Part No.: 26160-302
Passenger footrest lowering kit / Part No.: 31430-101

More products:
Wunderlich Retro-side pockets/ Part No.: 44115-212 (In development)
Valve cover & cylinder protectors left + right / Part No.: 35610-002
Wunderlich "MicroFlooter" LED auxiliary headlight / Part No.: 30476-102
Kellermann Bar End Turn Signal BL 2000 Set / Part No.: 36341-102
Tank bag Retro / Part No.: 40340-202

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