Wunderlich Windscreen F 800 GS (-2012) »TOURING VARIO« - clear

Wunderlich Windscreen F 800 GS (-2012) »TOURING VARIO« - clear

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The Wunderlich Vario windscreen offers maximal wind protection that can be adjusted individually using a quick release. Sport, touring, summer, and offroad screen in one - the sensation for stress-free, individually adjustable driving pleasure.

The facts:

  • Steplessly adjustable from 410 mm to 470 mm
  • Thanks to another hole, height-adjustable up to 525 mm
  • Maximum protection for head, upper body and arms
  • Considerably widened at the bottom (transition to the protectors), optimum protection for hands and arms
  • Higher up, the wide flaps offer virtually turbulence-free protection for head and upper body
  • Quick and easy adjustment in height and angle using the quick release
  • Adjustable to almost all riders and riding habits
  • Incorporated flow channel: The inlet changes depending on the height set and counters turbulences with a calming countercurrent.
  • If required simply slide screen downwards and the field of view is already increased or the wind can flow freely to the rider
  • No water droplets on visor in rainy conditions (vacuum turbulence)
  • The design inspired by our ERGO touring screen for the R 1200 GS fills the gaps to the headlights and makes for a coherent and impressive appearance.
  • Highly robust, optically pure and petrol-resistant PMMA acrylic plastic
  • Easy and quick fitting
  • 5 year warranty
  • The unique production process enables highly complex forms for perfect wind protection
  • Shaded in "shadow" at the bottom, whereby the protruding fittings are integrated into the design. Clear field of vision
  • With ABE
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Windschild Top, Anleitung flop
By Philipp, posted on 8 January 2018
Für das Eindschild kann ich nu sagen: top Verarbeitung und Qualität. Der Schutz ist super, ich freue mich sehr über diesen Kauf! Die Scheibe ist jeden Euro wert. Das Schwärmen hat jedoch ein schnelles Ende wenn man mit der unterdurchschnittlichen Anleitung das Schild installieren möchte. Schlechte Visualisierung lässt viel Interpretationsspielraum. Schade, das geht deutlich besser. Da meine Bewertung jedoch auf das Windschild abzielt gebe ich trotz beschriebener Anleitungsmängel 5 Sterne.
Nice looking, big
By knutsel, posted on 16 July 2017
The assembly manual was incorrect.
As a result, it took a long time before the window was mounted.
Because the window is so high it catches a lot of wind and moves a lot. Moving because the attachments are fitted in plastics.
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