Suspension kit type 640 Highering +70mm

Suspension kit type 640 Highering +70mm

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Our suspension kit for the BMW models R NineT Scrambler and Urban GS was created in cooperation with a strong partner.

Our focus was to create a suspension that clearly underlines the character of the respective models. We noticed that the serial suspension lacked adjustment options.

Thus, we modfied the orginal fork and developed a longer shock absorber that was especially setup for those motorcycles.

The fork was equipped with longer tubes and cartridges that, opposite to the serial fork, possess rebound- and compression-adjustment and also allows spring preload adjustmend. The result is a raisong of full 70mm. Therewith the R NineT not only gains suspension travel but also ground clearance. Both are best conditions to be able to enjoy the ride offside of paved roads.

Make your BMW long legs and enjoy the indescribable riding experience.

Suspension kit includes:
-shock absorber type 640
-Cartridge-Set "C30R" includes longer standpipes
-fork oil

Of course, we give a 5-year manufacturer warranty on our products. )
Shock absorber adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping.

The configurator is designed for the BMW motorbike series. If you have modified your vehicle and changed the weight, this is very relevant for dimensioning the suspension elements.

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