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Cubre Puños Universales

Aun contando con puños calefactables, la mejor manera de mantener los dedos calientes son los clásicos manguitos de manillar. Nuestros manguitos están hechos con fuerte material.

  • Cordura impermeable forrados de Teflón
  • Son muy fáciles y rápidos de instalar
  • Con aperturas de PVC transparente resistente a los rayos UV que permite ver los interruptores de ambos lados y así evitar presionar el botón equivocado
  • Estos manguitos no son de tipo universal, sino hechos a medida para motos BMW con o sin protectores de manos. Se vende el juego de dos, derecho e izquierdo.
  • Para todos los modelos BMW (Con/sin protectores de manos). Y practicamente todos los modelos de moto.


21 de diciembre de 2019
Son exactamente lo que estaba buscando .. quedan perfectas
11 de febrero de 2019
Buena calidad. Facilidad de montaje. Buena protección contra el frio.
La solución definitiva contra el frio en las manos.
16 de noviembre de 2018
son exactamente lo que estaba buscando, cerradas para que no entre aire y con la ventana transparente para poder ver los mandos de los puños
They do the job
29 de diciembre de 2012
I put them on my 2011 BMW F800ST. The fit is good but the brake reservoir on the right side induces a little rotation which tilts the muff downward; this is not a problem as the muff is soft and pliable. A little wind gets in but only minimally. At speed the wind can collapse the sleeve opening making it tricky to get your hand back in after you take it out. I have used this item at highway speeds at low 20\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Fahrenheit with only my summer gloves and grip heaters. Very comfortable and my handlebar controls are fully visible. Minimal interference noted with my mirrors (I have mirror extenders). I am pleased with this purchase.
Don't leave home without them.. '07 R1200R
28 de noviembre de 2012
Really. I've been known to toss them in a sidecase in mid-summer. They work great on an R1200R (with GS handguards installed.) They are good for cold weather, they're great for wet weather, and really great for cold/wet weather. I use my summer weight gloves under them and have to turn the heated grips off when it gets above about 40F. Below 40F, I periodically turn the grips on low, and have nice toasty warm hands.You do learn not to wave to another bike just as you're pulling up to a stop-sign or traffic light, but once you learn when it's safe to remove your left (or in my case either hand - I have a throttle drag O ring) they aren't a problem at all. Mine do stay open when moving even with my hand removed.One hint - my left one for some reason would flap at higher speeds (70MPH and up..) even with my hand in it. This was annoying. I fixed it by closing up the opening just a bit using a binder-clip on the inside of the sewed seam. When I get around to it, I'll sew it closed just a bit so I can remove the binder clip.All in all - 5 stars are deserved. They make winter riding much more fun!
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