VarioErgo Touring Screen

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Not “either - or”, but rather a sport and a touring screen in one. The sensation for stress-free, individually adaptable riding pleasure. The basic aerodynamic concept of this wind protection screen is already very sound but is rounded off to perfection by the many different adjustment options (in particular the adjustable height).

The facts:

  • Adjustable height with rail adjustment system.
  • Quick and easy to adjust (just undo the knurled screw).
  • Adjustable angle.
  • Can be adjusted to suit the requirements of almost all riders and riding habits.
  • Built-in flow channel: Depending on the height selected, the aperture changes, counterbalancing turbulence with a calming reverse flow.
  • If you‘re riding at speed, simply push the screen down and - hey presto! - your field of vision is enlarged.
  • In wet conditions, the avoidance of low-pressure turbulence means minimal water “dancing” on the visor.
  • Highly robust, optically clean and petrol-resistant plastic.

So when it‘s hot you can feel the wind in your face and, if necessary, readjust the screen to provide maximum
. Made in Germany.

German Type approval. Due to the fact that the basic screen is the same, we have listed mounting brackets and screen separately.

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