Defensas de motor Wunderlich - plata

Defensas de motor Wunderlich - plata

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El objeto de compra no puede incluir todas la piezas y accesorios que se muestran en la imagen.

En el desarrollo de este arco de protección nos hemos beneficiado una vez más de nuestra experiencia de muchos años: por primera vez hemos logrado construir un arco de protección de forma idónea que protege perfectamente el casquete de válvula (incluso en accidentes graves) y que termina en la barra protectora de la parte inferior de la moto la cual representa a la vez el soporte básico del arco de protección.

La protección de la parte inferior de la moto se fija en seis puntos y protege el cárter de aceite y el filtro de aceite expuesto. Todos los puntos de apoyo están diseñados para soportar esfuerzos de compresión y tracción.

En las caídas, las fuerzas de palanca se reparten entre los puntos de apoyo. El soporte central proporciona una distribución equilibrada y funciona como centro de rotación, y en el caso de producirse una caída, integra los demás puntos de suspensión uniformemente para absorber las fuerzas.

El arco de protección RT dispone de en total seis puntos de apoyo. Según nuestra opinión, un diseño especialmente logrado, que protege con seguridad la RT con un elevado esfuerzo constructivo contra daños. Los arcos no se perciben como cuerpos extraños, están perfectamente integrados y convierten la RT, incluso estilísticamente,en una motocicleta para viajes.

  • Distribución uniforme de las fuerzas.
  • Protege el casquete de válvula y el carenado al caerse, incluso en accidentes graves.
  • Protección de la parte inferior de la moto, del cárter de aceite y del filtro de aceite.
  • Fijación estable.
  • Todas las labores de mantenimiento (cambio de aceite, ajuste de válvulas, etc.) pueden realizarse sin desmontar el arco de protección.
  • Tubo curvado de alta calidad.
  • No afecta la altura sobre el suelo ni el ángulo máximo de inclinación.
  • Revestimiento de plata o cromado de alto brillo.
  • Instrucciones detalladas y muy fáciles de comprender.
  • Montaje fácil sin necesidad de modificar el carenado, etc.
  • Hecho en Alemania.
  • 5 años de garantía.
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Revisiones de Cliente

Fantastic Revisión por Ron Rummel
Installation was a snap due to the tips shared here ... to all of those who took the time to share their info.. Thank You!! Very nice product, well made and look great on my new RT.. (Publicado en 06/05/13)
the more protection the better Revisión por Mad Max
after I removed the chessy plastic valve cover protectors my dealer sold me, the installation of the wunderluch engine protection bars was easy and took about 30 minutes. The finish matches the color of my lowers, so they look like they belong, and match the saddle bag protectors I installed first. Good sturdy product will protect the paint and plastic in the event of a tip over, well worth the money. (Publicado en 03/04/13)
Nice Product, but some issues Revisión por Doug Stracener
These bars are solid protection for the engine, and look great with the bike, and combined with the case protection bars, gives a nice look and solid tip-over protection for the RT.There are a couple of issues however. Considering the expense of this item, the hardware supplied is cheap, and causes some problems getting the bolts threaded into place. I replaced ALL the mounting hardware with locally obtained stainless steel items, and things mounted up much better.The lower mounting bar attached to the bottom of the engine requires some leverage to get the bolt holes to match up with the engine. This appears to be a problem with whatever jig is being used to weld the tabs onto the tubing.A major issue was the right side (brake side) crossover bar mounting bolt. The supplied unit is too long, and when I was running it in with my ratchet wrench and socket, it bottomed out on the engine and sheared the head off the cheap bolt that came with the kit. This necessitated extracting the broken stud (PITA), and obtaining a much shorter bolt, now stainless steel.Other than these problems, it is a nice addition to the bike, and the bars can be removed easily for engine service before taking to the dealership.A really nice feature is that these bars fit over the GS style metal engine guards, so you can have a lot of protection for the cylinders. (Publicado en 26/10/12)
Engine Bars Revisión por Bob
Cake walk to install. It's nice knowing the protection is there just in case. These are rock solid. Look good too. (Publicado en 01/09/12)
Farkle Days Revisión por G. Thomas
As several add ons were being installed at the same time I took off 75% of the tupperware to accomplish everything at one time. The Bars went in fairly easy doing the install by myself, though a second set of hands would helped to align the upper bolts. (Publicado en 28/08/12)
Looks Great Revisión por Mike Trainor
Follow the instructions,get all bolts in place then tighten it all up.Keep a rubber mallet handy for that final tap into place and to make it easier to get the bolts lined up and started 30 minute job tops. (Publicado en 16/07/12)
Great Product!! - Install Tips Revisión por Mark Geldmacher
Okay, having just finished my instal (30+ minutes), I have some imediate tips that worked well for me.First off, the product is great. It looks beautiful, blends in well, very unobtrusive. I hope I only keep it clean and never actually need it!The previous comment about needing to remove an existing bolt from the left side is certainly true. The threaded hole on the right side is plainly visible and reasonably accessable, but the left side is a different story. Not only will you need to remove the bolt, but alignment is difficult. To make this work, I installed the right side first, snug but not tight. This allow for positioning of the bars, but they'll remain in place when moved. To make the alignment, I used a 12" phillips screwdriver to get everything in position. Then I used an 18" extension (3/8" drive) to place the bolt. It sounds a bit awkward, but it made the install very simple.For the lower bracket, the back bolts are a breeze, but the front bolt is difficult. The mounting bar allows just for enough clearance if you use a mallet and drift to "position" the thru-bolt. A few smacks and everything lined up.For the bars, I insert the upper section into the cross bar and snugged it loosely with the set screw. On the bottom, there are 3 mount bolts (2 in front, 1 in back). I started the back bolt first. This allow the most flexibility for alignment. With the back bolt started, I used a phillips screwdrive in one of the front mount holes to make alignment, while installing the other front mount bolt. This allows for pulling the bars into position while installing the mount bolts. Once one of the front mount bolts is installed, the second is a breeze.Once everything was installed, I then went back around to every fastener and tightened them to the torque specified.Having made/installed many components fabricated from tubing, sheet metal, etc., I understand that even the best designed and fabricated products will "relax" into a position different from original fabrication. This is particularly true of tubing that has been post-fabrication processed (powdercoated) since the heat generated during processing will cause normalization of the material.Overall, everything lined up perfectly and looks wonderful. I can't wait to get my back bars to protect the saddle bags.Thanks!! (Publicado en 30/06/12)
Does the job Revisión por Rob Chapple
Takes a bit of time to install but well designed. I mounted my driving lights (Denali D2) on them. (Publicado en 16/06/12)
15 minutes return Revisión por J L Walker
I received this item really fast. With the J-pegs this item would not fix the bike. I call the company and a man said just return the item. Two days later I had a full refund. Great customer service. I would highly recommend this company, great tech support. (Publicado en 31/05/12)
Tourist vs RT Revisión por Stephen
Tourist in a small rental car pulled out in front of me and my beloved RT on highway. T bone impact at 55 mph sheared front rim, bent/collapsed front forks and sent me flying. The engine protection bars held up amazingly well and the while the bike was totaled the bars and engine were in good condition. Warning: take my word for it but don't try this at home. (Publicado en 22/05/12)
Saved me big bucks! Revisión por Richard Chick
During my first ride after purchasing a new R1200RT this winter I dropped the bike causing about $600 in cosmetic damages to the right side cylinder cover, fairing, pannier and mirror. It also pinned my leg so that I needed the help of some passers-by to get me back upright. During the repairs, I decided to add both the engine protection and rear bars by Wunderlich. I also had the seat lowered an inch, after which my confidence on the bike grew to the point where I considered removing both sets of bars to achieve a more sporty look. -- Until the other day a motorist speeding through an intersection caused me to pull up short and lose balance again, resulting in a 2nd drop. This time I was easily able to get right up and use the Wunderlich-recommended lifting method to raise my bike. When I inspected for damage I could find none - not a mark on the bike, fairing, cylinder head, mirror, pannier or bars. Not even a paint scratch on the bars. Needles to say, those bars are staying right on the bike. (Publicado en 16/05/12)
RT engine Guard Revisión por Tim Becker
Took about 30 minutes to install the engine guard and everything fit perfectly. The Guards are not overly obvious, nor do they distract from the RT's lines. Even someone with extremely limited wrenching ability could install them in 30 minutes. This guard is very nice but I'd like to see them increase the diameter of the horizontal bar to 1" to facilitate a variety of aftermarket pegs instead of a select few. (Publicado en 15/05/12)
Protection bars look and work great Revisión por Jeff P
I can't comment on the installation because I had the bars shipped direct to my dealer and installed there. So installation couldn't have been easier! I ordered the silver for my 2012 RT in midnight blue, and the bars match the rest of the bike perfectly! I have both the engine and pannier protection bars and have received lots of compliments on the looks. Plus, unfortunately, I can now report that they work as advertised. I dropped the bike at the gas station of all places, and when I picked it back up, there was not a scratch on it, except on the ends of the protection bars which aren't even noticeable. So I can attest these bars work as advertised and will protect your bike! (Publicado en 03/04/12)
bemerman Revisión por Andre' Lisee
After looking at many engine gards Wunderlich look the best, I call in the order and fews days lather was deliver to my house, After reading the instruction the job was simple done in one hours and all parts fit very well and look good, definely use Wunderlich for all I need for my Bemmer (Publicado en 25/01/12)
Handsome and effective Revisión por Sergio Guillen
These protection bars are excellent. Installation is simple, but special attention is needed for the last step to ensure proper alignment. Once done, they are solid and look wonderful on the bike. They are a great value and Wunderlinch delivery was quick and accurate. I would highly recommend this product for anyone owning an RT. (Publicado en 09/01/12)
2010 RT Revisión por Tom Peterson
Installation was a snap. Installed in about a half an hour. No problems at all. I ordered the chrome version, they look great. I still plan to add teh rear crash bars later. They are pricey, but, well worth the expense. (Publicado en 04/01/12)
Relieved they work Revisión por David Spencer
Upon parking my new 2012 BMW R1200RT on the street in downtown Phoenix I dismounted, stumbled and pulled the motorcycle over on its right side because the street surface sloped towards the curb. I am pleased and relieved that all the damage was confined to the engine protection bar and the luggage protection bar I installed beforehand. Thank you Wunderlich America. (Publicado en 17/11/11)
Ok Revisión por Nikolai Kolodyaznyy
Easy to install, it provide good engine protection (Publicado en 11/10/11)
Good Engine Protection Revisión por Robert Charron
Easy to install, it provide good engine protection. (Publicado en 04/08/11)
Engine Protection Bars, Silver Revisión por D.Hildebrandt
It look's good and it was easy too mount. (Publicado en 05/07/11)
Nice Bars Revisión por Ian Mitchell
Bars were easy to install. Good all round protection. They look very nice and are out of the way. Shipping to Canada was very smooth and quick. (Publicado en 22/05/11)
Engine protection bars r1200rt Revisión por Robert Meyers
Items were obtained prior to vehicle delivery. I installed them the same day, fortunately, as I got careless pushing the RT off the center stand, and laid it down, not too gently. Only damage was small scratches on the protection bars and a small scrape on the rear of the valve cover. I believe the bag protection bars would have prevented even this if they had been installed. Installation was extremely easy, and accomplished by one person (Me) with the vehicle on the side stand. After my initial experience, I can only say I believe they are well worth the expense. They look good on the bike, and Iliumworks highway pegs look good and work well with the product. (Publicado en 21/05/11)

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