Disco de freno delantero sistema flotante TRW LUCAS
  • Disco de freno delantero sistema flotante TRW LUCAS

Disco de freno delantero sistema flotante TRW LUCAS

N°de referencia. 23420-000
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El objeto de compra no puede incluir todas la piezas y accesorios que se muestran en la imagen.

RAC brake discs consist of extremely warp-resistant, hardened and tempered steel. A special surface grinding process prevents any vibration occurring and thus improves the alignment of the brake pads (tolerance less than 1/100 mm).
The even build-up and dissipation of heat allows uniform pad pressure. The electroplated surface protects against corrosion and the specific mix of materials increases the durability by 30%. The laser technology used in manufacture makes possible a lightweight design with finely engineered contours.

ABE approved.

RAC brake disc with floating disc system:

With all the advantages of the RAC brake discs, the innovative construction of the FloatingDiscSystem offers an effective solution to known braking problems caused by warped discs. Because of the “floating” outer ring the heat can be dissipated more easily and the common problem of disc distortion effectively prevented. In addition, the pads are optimally positioned in respect of the disc.
In further developing the new RAC brake discs TRW Lucas has once again refined the strengths of the proven RAC discs and combined perfect braking performance with a unique appearance.

For the rear brake, we recommend the normal RAC brake disc.

ABE approved.

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