Medidor de temperatura de aceite RR

Medidor de temperatura de aceite RR

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The practical gauge for the current oil temperature. RR oil temperature gauges are completely protected against vibration by their Teflon bearings. Values can be read quickly and without any installation stress, which can lead to a healthier warm-up phase or even to the avoidance of engine damage.

It is important to note here that the temperature of the cooling water is strikingly different from that of the engine oil. From the Tourenfahrer magazine test results: very good accuracy, worth every penny.

Simply replaces the original oil filler plug. Complete with gasket.


LT Oil Temp Gauge
By Dave Limebrook, posted on 7 de marzo de 2013
When doing an oil change I broke my old oil filler cap and needed a new one. Just a regular cap was $60! Wunderlich sold me a filler cap that was also a really cool oil temperature gauge. It was easy to install and I loved the instructions (as if one needs instructions to replace an oil filler cap)in German as well as English. Didn't cost that much more than the original cap.