Parrilla cromada para Topcase original - cromado

Parrilla cromada para Topcase original - cromado

N°de referencia. 35540-001
Precio: € 199,90
Incl. 19% IVA, Excl. gastos de envío

El objeto de compra no puede incluir todas la piezas y accesorios que se muestran en la imagen.

En el diseño de la parrilla, hemos seguido la forma de la cubierta superior y el respaldo, la creación de una forma óptima para la plena utilización del espacio disponible.

  • Cuatro puntos de sellado.
  • Se adapta a K1600 GT y GTL.
  • Culminante óptico, se complementa con top case.
  • Disponible en negro o cromado.
  • Se suministra con todos los accesorios necesarios e instrucciones.
  • 5 años de garantía contra la defectos en materiales o mano de obra.
  • Fabricado en Alemania Atención: La instalación requiere perforar 4 orificios en la tapa de la caja superior. Disponible muy pronto!
  • Programado para llegar al final de febrero de 2012.
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Revisiones de Cliente

Encontra de otras opiniones a mí me gusta y ademas es muy práctico cuando salimos en pareja Revisión por Carrujo
5 estrellas (Publicado en 25/04/17)
Nice Rack Does the Job Revisión por Philip
Nice design, good workmanship but like everyone else. Why did they not include bigger washers. I purchased chrome and rubber washers from a Honda GL dealer, at the very least Wunderlich America should off them as an option. (Publicado en 08/06/13)
Works for me Revisión por SFC Larry Stafford, US Army, Retired
Quality item. Easy to install. Functional addition. Should be a BMW option. (Publicado en 16/04/13)
Chrome Topcase Rack Revisión por Bill MacGuffie
I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Went on easy and looks great. I am looking for a bag or suitcase to fit it. Any ideas? (Publicado en 01/04/13)
Beautiful finish Revisión por Jot Burke
Just finishes off the overall appearance of the GTL!Beautifully made and of a high quality.(I have taken note of the larger washers in previous comment. I'll probably make a "mod" and install 'chassis washers' ...) (Publicado en 04/02/13)
Luggage rack for topcase Revisión por Bob Simpson
Love the rack. Installed easy and looks great! Fantastic product! (Publicado en 02/11/12)
The necessary accessory Revisión por John Turner
As any bike tourer to add more "stuff" is always a good thing. This is a good accessory addition for the K1600GTL. It is good quality and the mounting was probably the easiest I have attempted for any topcase rack. The trick is proper position, proper marking, using a masking tape like Scotch "blue" to protect the finish during location and certainly drilling. Use a high speed drill an make sure you use a sharp self centering drill bit to keep the bit from "walking" before drilling. Hardware was of good quality. It would have been helpful for the manufacturer to put torque specifications on the hardware tightening. You don't want the hardware too loose. But you certainly don't want it too tight either. That topcase is plastic and can deform or crack with too much elbow-grease. (Publicado en 10/09/12)
GREAT RACK Revisión por John doe
Great Rack As advertised! YOU NEED ONE! ITS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!! (Publicado en 06/08/12)
K1600GTL top rack Revisión por Chuck Currier
I found this rack to be of very good quality and goes very very well with the overall design and look of this motorcycle. I took the recommendation of some others and used larger chrome washers and rubber spacer washers with this to spread out the load and it helped. I had one hole drilled a bit on an angle but the larger washers gave me plenty of grace allowing bit bigger hole than normal to allow me to correct the off-angle one hole I drilled. (Publicado en 29/07/12)
Skeptical wife won over Revisión por Dale Brandt
I just installed the top rack tonight. It is everything I expected it to be. The quality and finish are first rate. When I ordered it my wife was very skeptical and didn't think it would look very good. Tonight she changed her mind after seeing it installed and thinks it looks very classy. I agree. I agree with one of the other reviews in that it looks like it is a BMW part that came on the bike. (Publicado en 26/07/12)
Topcase Rack, Chrome Revisión por Richard Harvey
The quality of the rack exceeded my expectations. Not only was the rack well designed but the chrome was well done. I do know that Wunderlich returned at least one order back to their supplier because it did not meet their requirements and expectations. The item that I received was indicative of good design and outstanding quality control. Communication from Wunderlich was very good.Installation could have been easier if the instructions noted that a "circle hole" was required in the Topcase Liner to accommodate the mounting hardware. There is not enough clearance between the liner and the Topcase exterior skin. A 1 1/4 Whole at each penetration took care of the problem, (Publicado en 15/06/12)
Looks like Factory equipment Revisión por Steve
I was looking for a rack for my GTL K1600.. I did some research and found that this rack was by far the best choice. Price was higher than others but the fit and finish makes this worth the extra $$... I would highly reccomend adding a set of chrome base washers to this install. Really adds tot he look and makes the load barring much more spread out over the 4 mounting points.. I have gotten many positive comments on this rack. My brother is ordering 1 for his GTL also... Love the rack and the look!!! (Publicado en 13/05/12)
topcase rack Revisión por Mark M
I received my rack and it looks great. Fits very well, very well made, and easy to install. Looks like factory equipment and will add a place to attatch an "overflow bag" for my girlfriends traveling neccessities... (Publicado en 31/03/12)
K1600GTL Top Case Rack Revisión por Steve Lawing
Ill have to admit, I was more than a little worried about how this rack would look. I reviewed all the pic's and decided to take a chance. My chrome rack arrived today and was relatively easy to install. It looks great. I'm serious, it looks like an original part - follows the lines of the top case and passenger back and head rest. It's low profile and I couldn't be happier. (Publicado en 27/03/12)

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