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El objeto de compra no puede incluir todas la piezas y accesorios que se muestran en la imagen.

A través de nuestro apoyo, el navegador se sitúa finalmente en una zona visible.

Es demasiado peligroso apartar la mirada de la carretera con situaciones complicadas de tráfico. Con este soporte esto no ocurre.

Los montajes convencionales estorban a la bolsa sobredepósito. Con nuestro soporte, el campo de visión siempre es óptimo para mirar el navegador.

La navegación en su GPS es más segura y fácil de usar.

Inclinación ajustable. Fácil montaje sin perforaciones. En aluminio ligero anonizado y tan versátil que se adapta con: TomTom Rider I+II+Urban Rider, BMW Navigator, todos los dispositivos con adaptadores garra. Garmin, Zumo o cualquier PDA (en combinación con nuestra MediaBag), cámara de fotos / video....

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Revisiones de Cliente

No recomiendo la compra de este soporte. Revisión por Vizki
No enviaron todas las las piezas del soporte del navegador. Cuando reclamé la pieza que faltaba me la mandaron totalmente rayada. (Publicado en 08/09/17)
2013 R1200RT GPS mount Revisión por Randy Stover
Very pleased with the mount. Instructions were adequate and overall installation was easy. Excellent position for GPS and very stable. I have already recommended it to several other riders. A little more expensive than some other mounts. But, you get what you pay for. A very good mount (Publicado en 11/06/13)
Excellent Product! Revisión por Maggie
Easy to install, all hardwre provided, easy to read instructions and easy to follow installation. It is easy to see and use. This allows you to tilt your GPS for just the right view angle. Paint and finish great. I do wish they would include one extra screw and washer for us fumble fingers.! (Publicado en 23/03/13)
2011 R1200RT Revisión por Karl
Super mount. Very secure and rigid. Looks good and easy to view GPS. Highly recommend. (Publicado en 28/12/12)
Zumo 660 Mount Revisión por Nathan Monk
The product is built extremely well and is functioning beautifully! There are two areas of concern in my opinion. First, the instructions with pictures should include more detail. I had difficulty figuring out which bolts were for what measurements given on the parts list. The pictures could be a little larger and more detailed as many of us understand better what we see than what we read. Also, the instructions for mounting should require that the windshield should be removed totally. This would have made my first attempt work. Now, as far as the bracket, one of the problems I ran into was that the square nut brackets that hold the nut in place on the arms came off. One of them did this with me, and I could not get the bolt to come out in order to redo the mounting job. The bolt with the nut attached just kept turning in circles. I finally had to get my electric grinder and grind the top of the bolt off in order to remove the arm. I was able to do this with little damage to the bracket and surprisingly enough without any to the bike dash. Otherwise, it is a great product! (Publicado en 14/12/12)
Another great add-on from Wunderlich Revisión por Paul Encarnaci�n
I installed the GPS mount from Wunderlich on my 2011 BMW R1200RT for my Garmin 350LM GPS. The install was straightforward with the provided instructions, and the quality of the mounting hardware was top notch. The mount is very firm and solid. It also provides a good surface behind the GPS unit on which to attach a toll pass, should you be so inclined to do so.The only minor gripe I have is that the kit comes with 2 screws to replace the ones that retain the dashboard, because the thickness of the mount requires longer screws to reach the bolts included in the support brace. But the provided screws weren't long enough either. So I had to go to the hardware store to get the longer screws. But this was a minor inconvenience, and for all I know, I did something wrong that resulted in the need for longer screws.I'm very happy with the end result, and the mount places the GPS in exactly the right position above the other dashboard gauges, without obscuring any of the visibility. (Publicado en 04/10/12)
Excellent GPS Mount for 1200RT Revisión por Jeff Chapman
The mount is solid and in the perfect location above the bikes computer display and protected by the windshield. A few suggestions on installation -> remove the windscreen for easier access and don't forget to route your GPS wires before you finish the mount. I ran mine for a 660 Zumo under the mount bracket on the RHS, through the space in the bikes "dashboard" plastic and along the LHS of the speedometer to the BMW GPS power connector zip tied to the front of the frame. I am soooo glad I purchased this mount. (Publicado en 24/09/12)
Great GPS Mount for the R1200RT Revisión por Lee Swinford
This is a great GPS mount for the R1200RT, with design lines that blend well with the design of the bike itself. It also performs this function without looking like a big metal storage shelf or an erector set. (Publicado en 01/07/12)
Who needs a GTL? Revisión por Tony B.
Installed during a full fitting of a J&M 2003CB unit, so installation was pretty easy. Only complaint is that I think I got a returned unit, as a trip to the hardware store was necessary as several fasteners were missing. It places the gps right in your field of view, so who needs a GTL? For you Garmin 550 users, go to Rick Mayer saddles for a special machined locking screw, and ditch the security screw and tool. Much cheaper than the Migsel, too! Sweet! (Publicado en 23/05/12)
GPS mount for BMW R1200RT Revisión por Mr. Bugs
This is a great mount. I had the dealer install it, but it did not look to be very difficult to install. Holds my Garmin Zumo 660 very solid and it does not vibrate. Looks very "clean" mounted just above the gauges. The GPS is a little closer to me than my friends with the mount from BMW. Makes it a bit easier to reach while riding. (Publicado en 21/05/12)
Solid support in the right location. Be patient installing. Revisión por A Walker
Patience is a virtue during installation. The orientation of components is not well described in the instructions, nor immediately obvious during installation.Once installed it blends nicely with the look of the bike, provides solid support for my old and heavy Garmin 2610, and positions it so my relatively short arms can reach. Be sure to bring adjustment tools on the first ride as four screws need to be loosened to change the viewing angle. (Publicado en 29/04/12)
GPS Mount Revisión por G. Smith
Perfect location. Close enough to let my Garmin 220 be visible, but not in the way. Solid and well designed. Don't plan on installing in a few minutes. The instructions are fine if you are familiar with BMW assemblies, if not you'll want to take your time. Well worth the effort. (Publicado en 26/04/12)
The right choice! Revisión por Jim Stroud
This is a perfect solution to the obstructive position that most dealers advocate for the Zumo 660, i.e. on the left handlebar interfering with the mirror.Installation is easy but don't rely on the instructions provided. (Publicado en 13/04/12)
Integrated GPS Mount Revisión por Roy Wyer
Installed this on my 2011 R 1200 RT, looks good and is a secure mount. I am using a Garmin 660 in a locking Tourtech Mount. This puts the GPS in the line of sight and you are still able to see all the gauges without interfering with the windshield. I am really impressed with this mount and Wunderlich's service. (Publicado en 20/03/12)
R1200Rt GPS mount Revisión por Jerry B
Excelent mount. Have used other , more expensive mounts and found this one to be more rigid and offers more adjustment. Instructions are inacurate but you will figure it out very easily.Does however, take some effort to install Great product for the money. (Publicado en 27/09/11)
Forget the others, this is the one. Revisión por Bob from WA
I purchased this about a month ago to mount my Zumo 550. I am NOT a tool guy and had a friend help me with the install. We finished an hour after we started. The instructions are well thought out and the mount fit perfectly. The only niggle is that the bottom of the GPS unit obstructs the idiot lights. I can live with that.Easy to reach and program while riding. I give it two thumbs up! (Publicado en 20/09/11)
Quality lives up to the price Revisión por Michael Jenkins
Puts your nav in a great spot inside the windscreen, not down in front of the tank bag. Just beware a PROPER install is not for someone afraid or challenged at taking the bike apart. The interior brace is critical for stability of the finished product, and takes some patience. The instructions lead you to believe it can just be slipped onto the interior "dashboard" support, but the angles in that BMW piece make that impossible with the short screws provided. The clasp needs to started with one screw the piece installed, then you rotate the clasp into place and start the second screw to secure it. All this is done in tight quarters with the dash pulled backwards off the instrument cluster. The end result is well worth the effort, but this isnt a 30 minute RAM mount installation (Publicado en 17/09/11)
Glenn S. from Texa Hill Country Revisión por Glenn Stephens
Put this on a 2010 1200RT and had to file a notch in the bracket with the angle on it to even get it to go into place with the screws and special nutin place per the installations instructions, but other than that it is probably the best solution to mount a gps. I used another brand water resistant case for my TOMTOM GO730 we use in Europe, and the reflection from the flexible window on it is a slight issue, but with a dedicated weatherproof motorcycle GPS it would be great. (Publicado en 04/07/11)
Perfect fit and line of sight on 2011 RT1200 RT. Revisión por Don Minkoff
Looking for a way to mount my older Zumo 450 taken off a Honda Goldwing. Did not want to mount it on the handlebar off center from viewing. The Wunderlich mount was a perfect solution. Strong and easy to mount. The on line video's helped. There is zero vibration on the Zumo and it is even easy for me to reach. (Publicado en 03/07/11)
Perfect Location for GPS Revisión por Larry Hollon
The Wunderlich GPS mount puts the GPS unit in the right location to see the screen but not be distracted by looking away from the road. It is easy to mount and holds the GPS without a lot of vibration. The instructions showed a slight difference in the placement of the access hole for removing the mirrors on my 2011 R1200RS. I called and got clear instructions from the Wunderlich customer service rep. and got the job done without a hitch.Good product. Good service. (Publicado en 06/06/11)
Works Great on My 2011 RT Revisión por Rubens
I had my Garmin Zumo 660 on another bike with a ram mount on the handlebar. Although that worked, I always had to look down and to the left to see it. Now with the RT and the Wunderlich integrated GPS mount it is much better positioned. Installation went well, but the mirrors were a bit difficult to remove and then running the thick wire from the GPS mount down to the plug on the bike was a bit tricky. The instructions could have been a bit better in regards to what screws to use where, but all in all it went well. Looks and works great! (Publicado en 28/05/11)
2011 RT mount Revisión por Tim S
As it did on my 09, this mount for my 2011 was an easy mount job which puts the GPS front and center with very solid feel.I have not seen a better GPS mount out there.Highly recommended. (Publicado en 24/05/11)
Awesome GPS Mount Revisión por Ian Mitchell
Ordered for my 2011 RT. Install went fairly smooth. Looks very nice once in place and puts the GPS unit in the perfect position. Mounted a Garmin Zumo 665 and the bracket works well for the magnetic XM antenna as well. (Publicado en 22/05/11)
Integrated GPS Mount 2010 Revisión por Robert Meyers
Purchased before vehicle delivery, and I had the Dealer install it when they did the final build out of the crate. The item looks good and does the job without interfering with the adjustable windscreen. I mounted a Zumo 550 I had previously installed on a Harley Road Glide, and it works as advertised. The position directly in front of the rider is a plus, as you never have to take your eyes from what is in front of you even if you elect to make minor adjustments while on the move. (Publicado en 21/05/11)

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