Hepco & Becker Journey Topcase TC 40

Hepco & Becker Journey Topcase TC 40

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The new compact TC 40 has a huge capacity of 38 litres of luggage and fits harmoniously on almost all BMW tails. Available in tow designs, which can be enhanced with our own in-house accessories.

The facts:

  • One-lock system (one lock used to open and remove the box).
  • Plastic can be painted.
  • Absolutely watertight.
  • Opens to an angle of precisely 90°.
  • Reinforced edges.
  • Cases/top cases will stand safely when placed on the ground.
  • Fit all Hepco & Becker and Krauser Journey top case carriers.
  • Claw locks with protected barrel locks.
  • 38 litres contents.
  • Optional bag liner.
  • Available in black /silver or black only.
  • No TÜV requirement (no registration etc. required).

Phone: +33 800 902350
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