Wunderlich crash pad roue arrière - noir

Wunderlich crash pad roue arrière - noir

Numéro d´article 31840-002
Prix: 29,90 €
TVA 19% incluse, (frais d´envoi exclus)

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These spindle protector kits, which have proved their worth in the Power Cup, keep the road surface at a safe distance, thus permanently preventing serious damage.

The facts:

  • Effective protection.
  • Highly durable special plastic.
  • Quick and easy fitting.
  • Complete set with fitting kit.

Rear wheel protector:

The lovely form of the swingarm means that it protrudes significantly, making it extremely vulnerable in a fall. This spindle protector provides protection for the swingarm and sprocket under almost all circumstances.

Protector for the right side with QuickMount fitting kit.

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