Wunderlich-Arceau de protection pour coffres - argent

Wunderlich-Arceau de protection pour coffres - argent

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Prix: 262,22 €
TVA 16% incluse, (frais d´envoi exclus)

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L´assurance vie pour vos coffres BMW d´origine et un élément supplémentaire dans le design de la BMW R1200 RT.

Caractéristiques :

  • protègent les coffres en cas de chutes ou de chocs,
  • compatibles avec la BMW R 1200 RT,
  • aide parfaite au béquillage,
  • appuis appréciables pour le passager,
  • liberté de mouvement conservée,
  • aucunes restrictions en ce qui concene la manipulation des coffres,
  • fixations robustes en 4 points,
  • appui supplémentaire sur le cadre,
  • tube acier sans soudures intermédiaires,
  • approprié à la fixation d´accessoires (support de gourdes etc.)
  • Kit complet (droit + gauche) kit de montage et instructions joints,
  • Made in Germany.

Comme les coffres d´origine BMW sont plus larges que les cylindres les ennuis sont pré-programmés sans une protection adéquate.

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Great product
3 juin 2013
Great product, well made, easy to install
Rear Protection Bar
18 avril 2013
Well made, but a bear to install. Lotsa plastic to remove before installation. Took me a few hours diddling(tm) to get the install and get back together. Don't drop the screws while doing the work, it's a mutha getting them back in your fingers.
Very strong protection
26 octobre 2012
These bars were the first thing I added to the bike after purchase. You do not want to drop on the nice painted cases !Installation is a bit tedious and requires removal of all the tupperware, and taking apart the rear rack to mount the bars on each side, but taking time and cross checking your work will result in a very strong setup that gives the civilian RT the same protection the RTP bikes have when combined with the engine protection bars.
Rear protection bars
1 septembre 2012
Rock solid. Some tweaking involved for lining up anchor points. Install all the bolts loosely first, then tighten. This helps. Great anchor points for straps. Center stand lift is now a breeze.
Farkle Days
28 août 2012
As several add ons were being installed at the same time I took off 75% of the tupperware to accomplish everything at one time. The Bars went in fairly easy doing the install by myself. They also make putting the bike up on the center stand much easier.
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