Wunderlich pare-cylindres - noir

Wunderlich pare-cylindres - noir

Numéro d´article 35510-002
Prix : 359,00 €
TVA 19% incluse, (frais d´envoi exclus)

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Wunderlich Pare-cylindres.

Pour protéger de façon efficace la lourde K 1600, nous avons, avec l´aide de notre Designer Nicolas Petit créé un arceau de protection sur mesure, unique en son genre au niveau du design et de la protection.

Caractéristiques :

  • Pièce éprouvée sous des conditions extrêmes,
  • aucune restriction dans la liberté d´inclinaison,
  • répartition uniforme des forces,
  • protège le carénage/moteur en cas de chute ou d´accident,
  • un renversement en cas de chute est exclu,
  • fixation stable en 3 points,
  • travaux d´entretien possible sans démontage,
  • Wunderlich Micro-Flooter disponibles en option, phares auxiliaires d´orignie compatiblent sans changement,
  • disponible enduit noir ou chromé brillant,
  • instruction de montage détaillées et facilement compréhensibles,
  • Montage simple « Plug and Play » sans changement sur le véhicule carénage etc,
  • Made in Germany,
  • garantie de 5 ans,

Commentaires des clients

Bon produit, montage difficile! Commentaire par Pierrot
Livraison, emballage,suivi cde : OK.
Par contre, prb 1: notice de montage en Allemand , serait appréciable d'avoir traduction en français, pour assurer et comprendre le montage.
Prb 2: montage difficile, notamment pattes avant.. en latéral c'est relativement facile.
Il faut avoir de bonnes notions en mécanique pour réaliser un montage correct. (Posté le 21/12/17)
Engine Bars Commentaire par Rob from SC
I know sooner or later, I will have a slow or no speed drop of my bike. I'm confident that these engine bars will save me a lot of damage. I really like the way they conform to the engine, and the way the black bars basically blend in with the motorcycle. (Posté le 29/03/13)
Engine protection bar set Commentaire par Walt Grunenberg
Fit and finish are just right on.No pulling or pushing the part until ya think you are stress testing the thing.Well done--just pricey! (Posté le 10/10/12)
AWSOME Protection Bars Commentaire par Joe McCallister
The engine protection bars are awsome. The fit was perfect. They were easy to put on with the supplied instructions and a few tools. I would advise using a torque wrench, it is aluminum that the bolts go into. Bars are so great that I will get the ones to protect the bags next and the luggage rack after that. Again Wunderlich has the perfect products for the perfect bike. (Posté le 24/09/12)
The best for protection Commentaire par Bob
There are other choices from other manufacturers, but none offer as much protection as the Wunderlich bars.As others experienced, installation is straight forward and simple.Now, where are those highway pegs, Wunderlich? (Posté le 01/09/12)
Worth the money Commentaire par Dave Golden
I installed them. The instructions might was well be written in Greek, but you can figure it out. Removing the plastic front and the lower lights isn't difficult - but it must be done to install. Unlike others, I'm actually tested them....no, not on purpose. The K1600GTL is a fantastic bike, but it's damn heavy. I've dropped mine twice (I'm a disabled vet and probably shouldn't have bought such a heavy bike due to my bum leg). Luckily the bars worked just fine. No damage at all. Spend the money and buy them. (Posté le 28/08/12)
Black bars look great on a Red GT Commentaire par Matt Hill
An easy installation, the bars offer great protection for the engine and look good on the red K1600GT. The bars came well packaged with all the parts. Instructions arrived in both german and english and were easy to follow (the english version anyways). (Posté le 09/07/12)
Best Crash Protection Available Commentaire par David P.
Do your homework and you'll come to the conclusion that the Wunderlich engine protection bars provide the most coverage and are the best made. I too, have a light gray K1600GT (looks white to me) and the black bars look OEM. In fact a bike this expensive should have had these installed from the factory. Do note that while these bars protect the Tupperware more than their competition, you can still easily remove all the plastic fairing bits. Nicely designed!I plan on purchasing the rear side case protection for when I travel with the panniers in place. I have asked Wunderlich to fabricate some sort of muffler protection for the rear of the bike as I ride 99% of the time without the cases on. Untapped revenue for this fine company. (Posté le 26/06/12)
Sturdy but heavy Commentaire par Olivier
I can't comment on installation, as I got them installed by my dealer. These parts do the job as advertised, but they do add significant poundage to the bike's weight. On the flip side, the rear bars make putting the bike on its center stand much easier. I bought these to protect the bike in case of 0MPH drop, and they will definitely do the job. (Posté le 13/06/12)
Superior Protection Commentaire par Kenneth Scott
Before ordering, I was a little reluctant to get the Wunderlich engine protection bars over the BMW version because I thought they looked too big and would spoil the looks of the bike. I received them and installed them. Actually, they look good and follow the contour of the bike. I have a light gray K1600GT and ordered the black set. From a short distance, you can't tell they are there. They look like apart of the bike. The way they are contoured, they will provide much better protection to not only the engine, but upper fairing as well. I have NOT tested this theory, but made this guess based on how they are contoured. I don't know if highway pegs will work with these bars. The BMW aux lights will install easily. Overall, I am very satisfied. I only purchased the engine protectors and not the rear set, that will be a future purchase. (Posté le 11/05/12)
Well made but be sure you know your Nm to Ft.lbs. Commentaire par Robert Sansom
Bars were easy to install and I think look good. Now I have a much simpler, easier place to hook a strap when needed for Trailering, Ferry crossing, etc. On the install remember; instructions for torque are in Nm.(Newton Meters) Most americans think in Ft.lbs. Be sure to convert if you don't have a Nm torque wrench. I didn't; I guessed and stripped one. Be nice if the Germans would include the conversion. (Posté le 01/05/12)

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