Faro posteriore LED Clear

Faro posteriore LED Clear

Art. n. 29190-000
Prezzo: 59,90 €
Incl. 19% IVA, Escl. spese di spedizione

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Un finale in bellezza per il codone della GS e una rivalorizzazione estetica e tecnica. Il Plexiglas trasparente continua la linea del codone color argento. Completo di luce rossa LED ad alto rendimento , spenta e' trasparente, praticamente indistruttibile e produce una luce estremamente chiara. Non dovete avere piu’ paura di un guasto al faro posteriore e in piu’ si minimizza il rischio di incidenti in modo rilevante Montaggio semplice senza altre variazioni – si sistema semplicemente al posto dell’originale Con omologazione E (registrazione non necessaria) La consegna comprende un modulo di adattamento speciale

Avvertenza R1200GS & Adventure:

I modelli a partire dal 2008 dispongono di una faro posteriore LED di serie.

Per poter utilizzare la luce posteriore LED Clear con il nostro codone standard (ArtNr.: 8500284 / 8110275) avrete bisogno in piu’ del set di viti 8110112 (vedi accessori)

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Good buy.
By Denis Bertrand, posted on 06 maggio 2013
Easy to install, good material, looks clean.What can i say its a good buy. I recommend it.
Better than expected
By Tom D, posted on 22 ottobre 2012
I started having LAMPF! on my 2006 1200 GS Adventure and when I went to put a new bulb in, I noticed how corroded things were back there, so I purchased this LED taillight despite reading some of the negative reviews. The unit looks EXACTLY like the one in the picture here on the website, so I'm not sure if Wunderlich has changed these or not... It was pretty easy to install, but be warned if you have the standard GSA panniers, it is WAY easier to get this installed if you remove the racks for the panniers first, as they bolt into the underside of the bike where the license plate holder is attached. It can be done without removing the racks, but it's much easier after you remove them. Instructions were very good, installation was easy and this thing really puts out a lot more light than the stock bulb. Very happy with this and I don't understand all the negative comments about the cheap look of the plastic that looks like chrome. It all looks fine to me.
G650GS looks like a 1200
By Marcelo, posted on 16 gennaio 2012
Fits perfect at my G650GS 2010. it is simple to install, do not need to cut wires. Looks very nice, like a 1200.
LED Tail Light
By Bill Carson, posted on 23 ottobre 2011
I installed the light the other weekend. I'm very pleased with the brightness of the light. It was easy to install and looks good perched under the luggage rack and between the pannier racks. Much more visible than the original.
Works Great, looks not so good !
By Mick Locke, posted on 16 ottobre 2011
My original unit had rusted to the point of being no longer viable. So I shopped around and there's not a lot of choice out there. This unit is incredibly bright, easy to fit and works. Just have others have said though it looks and feels cheap. Let's be honest, it's a GS - there not known for having an easy life and as long as I'm seen that's all I care about. This was a great option and well worth the money. Perhaps an upgrade by blacking it out would appease those fashion riders.
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