AIRMAN Compressore 12 V - nero

AIRMAN Compressore 12 V - nero

Art. n. 20080-000
Prezzo: 38,89 €
Incl. 16% IVA, Escl. spese di spedizione

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Con questo piccolo compressore elettrico ad alta prestazione non solo le ruote possono essere gonfiate con la giusta pressione ma anche altri oggetti, in caso di bisogno, possono essere riempiti d’aria.

Il compatto, leggero (0,6 kg) Airman e’ fornito di un manometro integrato con indicazione esatta e viene collegato semplicemente alla presa di bordo della BMW oppure all’ accendisigari . Puo’ arrivare a 6 bar di pressione massima, e’ molto robusto e non tiene molto posto (12 x 14 cm). La consegna avviene con le istruzioni d’uso.

Avvertenza: con gli attuali modelli BMW con CAN-Bus, l’Airman non puo’ essere collegato alla presa di bordo . In questo caso e’ necessaria una presa elettrica esterna!


Excellent air pump but...
10 maggio 2012
Purchased for my K1600GTL. Plugged into a power outlet it immediately tripped the circuit breaker. I solved the problem by connecting one of the power outlets directly to the battery with a 15 amp fuse.
A must have
21 marzo 2012
Plenty of pressure to harden em up. A handy thing for offroading/slabbing on the same ride...
Bought two of the airman air pumps, one for my motorcycle and one for my car!
22 gennaio 2012
While I fortunately have not needed to use my new air pumps in an emergency situation, I did try one out and it worked as described. I did have to send one back as a plastic tab, which is designed to hold the hose in place, broke off, but it was replaced with no problems.
Wonderful product!
02 agosto 2011
When I first got it, I tried it out on my BMW R1150R, my vespa, and my Land Rover. I even pumped up my neighbors wheelchair. It takes a few minutes to pump up the Land Rover tires but it works. I got it primarily for the BMW r1150r - very handy to have around and it's compact adn light enough to easily bring on a long tour. It's also much quieter than other portable pumps I've had.
Great Pump!
06 aprile 2011
This was one of the better investments for my travel. This pump works very well, however, if your bike uses a CanBus system (BMW R1200R), you need a DC plug to make this work properly, as it draws WAY TOO MUCH power thereby shutting down the system. Believe it draws somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10W (CanBus can handle I believe 5W or so before it shuts itself down).
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