Lampadina Cool Blue H7 12V | 55W
  • Lampadina Cool Blue H7 12V | 55W

Lampadina Cool Blue H7 12V | 55W

Art. n. 36750-000
Prezzo: 19,90 €
Incl. 19% IVA, Escl. spese di spedizione

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Alternativa ai costosi fari allo xeno : un colore chiaro simile alla luce del giorno aumenta la concentrazione del guidatore e riflette i segnali stradali e i segnali in modo molto più efficiente.

Cool Blue Lampadina H7 12V / 55W


By CARLOS PATINO, posted on 29 dicembre 2012
Excellent lights
By pete kozak, posted on 29 settembre 2012
Going from a yellow light to ultra bright white light on my BMW not only vastly improves my visibility to other vehicles but i see about 10-15 further in front.
Better Than OEM
By Terri Watkins, posted on 22 marzo 2012
Easy to install, exact replacement for the OEM bulbs. Much brighter also; a good alternative to expensive HID kits.
Headlight bulb
By Ed Harvey, posted on 03 settembre 2011
Exact replacement bulb for R1200GSA . Seems brighter than factory bulb. I haven't had it on the bike long enough to ascertain longevity. Hoping for longer service than original ( 14000 miles). Price was better than BMW part.
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