Side stand enlarger - nero

Side stand enlarger - nero

Art. n. 44411-002
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A secure stand on any surface even when fully loaded. The precisely form-milled enlargement plate screws on to the side stand quickly and prevents worse things happening.

This enlarger is especially suitable for our 44410-000 and -100 stainless steel side stands.

The facts about the Wunderlich side stand enlarger:

  • High machine stability on all surfaces
  • Compensates for very steep throw-off angles
  • More than 100% enlarged contact area
  • 6 mm thick Dural aluminium
  • Rust-proof black anodised
  • Rustproofing for contact area
  • Milled groove for contact equipped with foam rubber to dampen vibrations
  • NC-milled
  • Easy to fit
  • 5 year warranty
  • Suitable for our 44410-000 and -100 stainless steel side stands

Tip: Before installing the enlarger, apply a little paint to the rust-prone and largely unpainted side stand contact surface. This thus protects it permanently from unsightly rust.

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