Charge wiring loom
  • Charge wiring loom

Charge wiring loom

Art. n. 44970-700
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Our wiring looms are supplied readily configurated for three different speedo units (Motogadget-Motoscope Tacho Speedo (Item-No.: 44480-200), Acewell (Item-No.: 44480-000 and 004). Also, our cast alloy switchgear is supplied pre-finished and ready for fitting. All the vast BMW-Electrics from inside the headlamp disappears, something that is enormously advantageous for individual front end Conversions. Still, the wiring loom also fits all Airhead-Boxer models with slim petrol tank tunnels. A relay for the starter motor is supplied. The wiring looms (except for Racing variant) are all fitted with a load-independent indicator relay (0,9-90 Watt).

All our looms are supplied with a clear wiring diagram. This also helps all those customers who e.g. want to fit the Motogadget loom and the suitable Motogadget Tacho, but rather use their own switchgear instead of our offerings.

For all those who generally want to fit different speedo/tacho units and switchgear we offer a universal-type wiring loom – of course supplied with a detailed wiring diagram. Original BMW wiring colour codes are used. If original switchgear or other types are to be used connectors have to be made by the customers themselves as there are countless numbers of variants. However, the circuit diagram is supplied.

For racing there is a reduced, ultra-light race loom available on which we abandoned all light, indicator and horn branches for weight reasons.

his charge wiring loom developed by us is an ideal addition to our looms. Its exposed position on the engine and its thermal load encourage insulation aging. The loom connects generator, diode plate (rectifier) and regulator. Without image.

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