Wunderlich Muffole paramani - nero
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Wunderlich Muffole paramani - nero

Art. n. 25200-000
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Yamaha Mt 07.
By Joebar76 , posted on 20 gennaio 2018
Consegna velocissima. Prodotto di altissima qualità. Montate in pochi minuti su Yamaha Mt 07 con paramani.
By Rinaldo, posted on 17 gennaio 2018
Ottimo prodotto, si montano velocemente e funzionano benissimo.
Eccellenti, prodotto Soddisfacente..
By Mauro, posted on 11 gennaio 2018
Consegna a velocità supersonica, le moffole sono di qualità eccelsa, si montano in 2 minuti e sono molto morbide al tatto... Nessuna temperatura, in inverno, é più impossibile...
Spettacolo si montano in 2 minuti
By claudio, posted on 24 dicembre 2017
Spetacolo si montano in due minuti testate a meno 8 guanti estivi manopole riscaldare accese a 1
mai piu senza
si può migliorare la tenuta
By Arno Nüm, posted on 23 dicembre 2017
prova a temperature 0 termico,con guanto termico bmw, bisogna accendere ancora le manopole riscaldabili,prima di chiudere il laccio si dovrebbe introdurre un pò di ovatta per fermare il flusso d'aria,montaggio e praticità ottimo
paramani gs 800 bmw
By massimo, posted on 09 dicembre 2017
puntuali sulla consegna e prodotto di alta qualita
They do the job
By Pepe Perez-Sanz, posted on 29 dicembre 2012
I put them on my 2011 BMW F800ST. The fit is good but the brake reservoir on the right side induces a little rotation which tilts the muff downward; this is not a problem as the muff is soft and pliable. A little wind gets in but only minimally. At speed the wind can collapse the sleeve opening making it tricky to get your hand back in after you take it out. I have used this item at highway speeds at low 20\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Fahrenheit with only my summer gloves and grip heaters. Very comfortable and my handlebar controls are fully visible. Minimal interference noted with my mirrors (I have mirror extenders). I am pleased with this purchase.
Don't leave home without them.. '07 R1200R
By Don Eilenberger, posted on 28 novembre 2012
Really. I've been known to toss them in a sidecase in mid-summer. They work great on an R1200R (with GS handguards installed.) They are good for cold weather, they're great for wet weather, and really great for cold/wet weather. I use my summer weight gloves under them and have to turn the heated grips off when it gets above about 40F. Below 40F, I periodically turn the grips on low, and have nice toasty warm hands.You do learn not to wave to another bike just as you're pulling up to a stop-sign or traffic light, but once you learn when it's safe to remove your left (or in my case either hand - I have a throttle drag O ring) they aren't a problem at all. Mine do stay open when moving even with my hand removed.One hint - my left one for some reason would flap at higher speeds (70MPH and up..) even with my hand in it. This was annoying. I fixed it by closing up the opening just a bit using a binder-clip on the inside of the sewed seam. When I get around to it, I'll sew it closed just a bit so I can remove the binder clip.All in all - 5 stars are deserved. They make winter riding much more fun!
back where?
By Tim Becker, posted on 11 novembre 2012
I purchased these to help with rain and wind on cold days. I ride well down into the teens and they work perfectly. They do block the factory mirrors on the R1200RT so if you want to see who is back there, you'll need to add some mirrors with stems.
Mediocre fit on a 2006 R1200GS Adventure
By Gary Smith, posted on 13 aprile 2011
The bar muffs are good quality and nicely designed with a clear plastic window to be able to see the controls and a slot shaped cut-out which I think is designed to allow the mirror stalk to pass through the muff. The muffs are sized to fit over the standard BMW hand protectors on the GS Adventure. The cut-out in each muff can be covered and tightened with a small velcro sheet and two tightening straps. Unfortunately the fit is poor on my 2006 GS Adventure so that the velcro and straps have to be tightened around the mirror stalk in such a way that the clear plastic window is quite tight on the controls and the rest of the muff is not positioned very well.These bar muffs might be perfect on another bike but don't fit the '06 GS Adventure very well.

10 oggetto(i)

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