Guardia del corno di Wunderlich
  • Guardia del corno di Wunderlich

Guardia del corno di Wunderlich

Art. n. 27650-000
Prezzo: 19,90 €
Incl. 19% IVA, Escl. spese di spedizione

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19 febbraio 2016
Easy to install (5 min.), perfect fit. Excellent product.
Piece of CRAP
10 giugno 2012
I just got this. Received it earlier this week end just got in from "TRYING" to install freaking broke in half.what a piece of junk.Thin metal and no wonder they just lowered the price to 20.00Come on Wunderlich... I actually had respect for you until this...So disappointed.
Horn Guard
30 aprile 2012
Purchased horn guard for my R1200R/T. Traveling all loaded down, tank bag etc. Just seemed every time I got gas had my feet down and just moving the bike around the horn button would always hit the tank bag. People would be looking and wondering whats this guy honking at. Well problem solved.
Finally a cure for strangers giving me the finger!
03 aprile 2012
Why BMW makes the "camel hump" horn switch is a mystery. The bump will blow your horn at the worst possible moment when you are making that tight 3 point turn while the three one percenters are looking on in disgust at your choice of ride. If you have one of those really loud air horns the angst will begin while you try not to look at the V-Twin gallery. Anyway, here is a five minute fix that really works and it looks like it should have been there all along.
04 febbraio 2012
Does just what i needed to do. No more horn blowing in the parking lot as i turn to the left and the horn hits the tankbag.
Horn Guard
29 dicembre 2011
Excellant product and should be included w/ the Bags Connection City tankbag. 'Would highly recommend.
Horn Button Guard Review
28 novembre 2011
I was constantly hitting the horn button on my tank bag. This item installed in less than 5 minutes and that has never happened again. The guard covers a little more of the button than I was imagining but after a little practice there is no trouble getting to it when needed.
This horn guard works perfectly
12 luglio 2011
Easy Install. All parts included. Exact Fit. Color Match. Light but Strong. Reasonably fast delivery. In short, exactly what I needed.

8 oggetto(i)

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