Wunderlich Spostamento retrovisore - nero
  • Wunderlich Spostamento retrovisore

Wunderlich Spostamento retrovisore - nero

Art. n. 26100-002
Prezzo: 59,90 €
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25 maggio 2012
2nd accessory I made for my 2011 BMW F800R. I still see a bit of elbow in my mirrors but haven't had to tuck in to see my wife behind me. For safety they're great. I could probably adjust them further if needed. These extenders blend well with the bike and I forget they're there helping me every time I ride. The kit came with 2 washers not in the directions, I put the below the extenders and it worked out. No LocTite used and they haven't loosened up after 300 miles. Good Investment.
Mirror extebder
26 aprile 2012
Considering the price I am not pleased with this purchase. I had to use washers under the extenders because the bolts were too long. I also had to releive the washers to clear the screws that hold the brake resivoir bracket. I thought Wunderlich was a first class operation but now understand that some of the products they sell are universal fit. I am dissapointed. Gene
Must Have Safety Option
26 aprile 2012
Installed on 07 K1200R Sport and they are just what the safety nut asked for. There is no way John-Q average can see effectively without these extenders! Although pricey, can we put a price on safety? Much better layout/configuration then other available brand that moves the mount UP and over. No need to add height, just width.
Mirror Extender K1200R Sport
11 marzo 2012
Easy to put on- moved mirrors forward abourt inch and out inch, can see who is following me.
Easy install and good quality
10 dicembre 2011
I installed them on my new R 1200 GS 2012 model. They work as advertised, they provide the angle of view you need without the shoulder look. Over all the quality is good and installs easy.
f800gs rider
31 luglio 2011
these extension for the mirrors are a must unless you like looking at your shoulders.
Nice and simple addition
26 febbraio 2011
I felt like the stock pacement of the mirror was in my face. With these I feel like I have a broader view + the mirrors are not right in my face. Excellent addition to my 2010 GS.
Mirror Extender R1200GS
11 dicembre 2010
Extenders arrived today and were installed within 20 minutes. I'm never disappointed by the QUALITY, in capital letters, of Wunderlich parts. These are beautiful CNC'd anodized black with STAINLESS STEEL bolts. Easy to install and adjust.Now...to take them for their first ride and see (really) who I'm leaving in the dust!

Oggetti 11 a 18 di 18 totali

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