S100 Gloss and Wax Spray 250ml
  • S100 Gloss and Wax Spray 250ml

S100 Gloss and Wax Spray 250ml

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The S100 Gloss and Wax Spray guarantees long-lasting protection, a high color intensity and fast cleaning. Thanks to the special „Carnauba-Booster“ technology, the hardest wax in the world – Carnauba – can be easily applicated. It provides long-lasting protection against weathering by rain and UV rays and repels water easily.

The special combination of the ingredients provides fast cleaning without water and even removes slight oil spills. The wax adheres very well and does not drain off. It is suitable for all surfaces of the motorcycle, like for example, lacquer, metal, chrome, windscreen, exhaust system etc.

250 ml content.

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