Wunderlich set di spessimetri 4V

Wunderlich set di spessimetri 4V

Art. n. 21540-000
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L’attrezzo per esperti che rende la regolazione delle valvole un gioco da ragazzi.

Ogni paio di valvole puo’ essere regolato in sincronia e in maniera assolutamente esatta. Valori errati dovuti al gioco nell’albero del bilanciere sono da escludere.

Spiegazione tecnica: se le valvole vengono regolate una dopo l’altra soltanto con un calibro, l’albero del bilanciere „pende“ sempre leggermente nella direzione della valvola libera. Cosi’ e’ quasi impossibile regolare esattamente la valvola.

La pratica lunghezza permette un lavoro facile e veloce (nessuna limitazione dovuta alla testata ecc.). La maneggevole impugnatura in plastica da un buon feedback della resistenza, aspirazione ottimale – anche con le mani unte.

La consegna comprende il kit completo, ciascuno con due spessimetri per le valvole di ammissione (0,15 mm) e per la valvole di emissione (0,30 mm). Per differenziarli facilmente le impugnature sono fatte in colore diverso.

Attrezzi di qualita’ Made in Germany.


Great Product
By Eddie Schulz, posted on 29 marzo 2013
on my second GS and wanting to rotate between myself and the dealer doing the repairs.. this is a must have product that is very well made..
feeler gauges
By macadamia, posted on 13 marzo 2012
These made quick work of my valve adjustment. I recommend buying them if you do not already have a set of feeler gauges
By Matt, posted on 19 ottobre 2011
Just did my first adjustment with these and worked like a charm! Used a friend's set, but also have set of my own now. He tied his to a 4' length of string in pairs (1 intake & 1 exhaust per string). That lets you drape the string over the bars so if you get one loose and the gauge falls, it doesn't hit the floor...also keeps them from getting lost!
BMW Feeler Gauges - excellent
By Nick B., posted on 27 giugno 2011
While on face value they seem a little pricey, they are worth their weight in gold when it actually comes to adjusting your valve clearances. Each rocker arm operates two valves and so has two adjusters, it is much easier to set accurately with these gauges, (two of each size). The gauges, because of the molded handle, will sit in the clearance for both valves while you adjust each in turn.I've adjusted a lot of valve clearances over the years on many different vehicles, but had read this was a tricky procedure on the BMW's with the gap on one valve altering as you adjust the other etc. With these feeler gauges I found the job as straightforward as any other valve adjustment I'd done.Wunderlich's shipping was ultra fast too - very impressed
Perfect for task
By Bruce, posted on 02 giugno 2011
These were delivered very promptly in good condition. Just what is needed for valve adjustment: R1200RT much more smooth, and increased 3 MPG. Last adjustment by dealer: I'll do it myself from now on.
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