Our whistleblower system

Compliance stands for adherence to laws, regulations and internal guidelines. 

We offer you a so-called whistleblower system for our compliance management. You can use this system to describe and report rule violations at Wunderlich GmbH. 

We will take up this information, clarify possible violations and rectify them. 

As a whistleblower, you do not have to fear any disadvantages. Your letter will be treated with absolute confidentiality and processed by the relevant departments. 

Do you have a tip-off about a possible compliance violation? Then make a report via our whistleblower system using the link below. In this way, your anonymity is guaranteed. In order to be able to follow up on reports as quickly as possible, we ask you to describe the facts of the case in as much detail as possible. 

Click here for the whistleblower system 

Alternatively, you can also contact us at any time by e-mail at: 


or by telephone on: +49 (0) 26 41 – 3082 151

or by telephone on: +49 (0) 26 41 – 3082 151