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New. Exclusive. Passionate. Professional. Brand-agnostic. Riding training for all skill levels.

AirfieldExperience – Trackday by Wunderlich + Hakvoort/Hanko

Welcome to the exclusive AirfieldExperience - the ultimate premium motorcycle training developed by Wunderlich in collaboration with the Hakvoort Group, a renowned BMW partner. This event, taking place at the perfectly prepared airfield in Mendig, combines the pure joy of motorcycle riding with the highest levels of professionalism and passion! Regardless of your experience level, AirfieldExperience opens the doors to a world of riding enjoyment, safety, and perfection.

Our professional instructors, who are passionate motorcyclists themselves, are ready to take your riding skills to a new level. The AirfieldExperience training offers you a wide range of specific sessions: from cornering and leaning training to safety and perfection training. The training stations, including slalom, acceleration-braking, leaning courses, agility courses, and stations for enduro/off-road, allow you to deepen and refine your riding skills in various aspects. Because true passion lies in the individual rider experience, you have the freedom to set your personal focus.

» All information, the conditions of participation and the supporting programme can be found here

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Exclusive by Wunderlich

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