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Premium Motorcycle Training by Wunderlich + Hakvoort/Hanko

26th and 27th June 2024

Welcome to the exclusive AirfieldExperience - the ultimate premium motorcycle training developed by Wunderlich in collaboration with the Hakvoort Group, a renowned BMW partner. This event, taking place at the perfectly prepared airfield in Mendig, combines the pure joy of motorcycle riding with the highest levels of professionalism and passion! Regardless of your experience level, AirfieldExperience opens the doors to a world of riding enjoyment, safety, and perfection.

Our professional instructors, who are passionate motorcyclists themselves, are ready to take your riding skills to a new level. The AirfieldExperience training offers you a wide range of specific sessions: from cornering and leaning training to safety and perfection training. The training stations, including slalom, acceleration-braking, leaning courses, agility courses, and stations for enduro/off-road, allow you to deepen and refine your riding skills in various aspects. Because true passion lies in the individual rider experience, you have the freedom to set your personal focus.

The AirfieldLounge not only provides an opportunity to refuel but also to exchange experiences with other participants on the airfield. In a pleasant atmosphere, the knowledgeable representatives from Wunderlich, Hakvoort, and partners are available all day for discussions and advice. Additionally, we offer the chance for attractive test rides with BMW motorcycles and Wunderlich Specials equipped with Wunderlich Suspension systems. Safety is our top priority at AirfieldExperience. Therefore, the number of participants is limited to 100. We adapt the training to the weather conditions, providing an intense riding experience in any weather. The training takes place on your own motorcycle, following a thorough technical inspection to ensure optimal conditions for all participants. Explore the world of exclusive AirfieldExperience motorcycle training, where quality, passion, and the joy of riding take center stage in every aspect.

AirfieldExperience – the Trackday by Wunderlich + Hakvoort/Hanko

Pure joy in individual, dynamic, professional premium motorcycle training

What Moves Us.

The AirfieldExperience premium motorcycle training has emerged through a close collaboration between Wunderlich and the Hakvoort Group/Hanko. It represents the enthusiasm and passion for high-quality motorcycles that is embraced by both companies. With our inherent joy of riding motorcycles and our commitment to professionalism, quality, precision, and customer orientation at Wunderlich and Hakvoort/Hanko, it is only logical for us to now develop a premium motorcycle training with the same attitude that includes everyone: all motorcycle brands, beginners, and advanced riders alike. Our motivation stems from the belief that true motorcycle enthusiasts not only deserve top-notch, high-quality components and machines but also access to a unique training experience. With the AirfieldExperience premium training, we aim to take another step, creating a comprehensive brand world that extends the passion of our customers and ourselves. We are convinced that the fascination for motorcycle riding also lies in the continuous improvement of one's own skills. Therefore, our motorcycle training is an extension of our beliefs: it combines precision, quality, and professionalism to provide motorcyclists with a unique opportunity to deepen and perfect their skills. We don't just want to deliver components or BMW motorcycles; with AirfieldExperience, we aim to create a comprehensive experience that celebrates the enthusiasm for motorcycle riding in all its facets. Our motivation is to enrich the motorcycle world with innovation and passion – for an unforgettable riding experience that extends beyond the road.

The Program

  • Professional Instructors: Our experienced motorcycle rider instructors are ready to take participants' riding skills and expertise to a new level.
  • Wide Training Range: From cornering and leaning training to safety and perfection sessions, AirfieldExperience offers diverse opportunities to deepen riding skills.
  • Training Stations: Slalom, acceleration-braking, leaning courses, agility courses, and an off-road station provide participants with the chance to refine their riding skills.
  • Circuit Riding – Riding in small groups, guided by skilled instructors.
  • Offroad Area
  • Each participant has the opportunity to choose their training focus.
  • Test Rides with BMW Motorcycles and Wunderlich Demos
  • Riding Lounge - Not just for refueling but also for exchanging experiences with other participants in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Fun and Safety in the Curve? Professional Leaning Specialized Training – can be booked on-site separately – Limited spots available.
  • Safety First: Limited to 100 participants, adjusting training to weather conditions for optimal conditions.

Legends on board

The Excellent Partners

The Excellent Partners


Catering by Peter Schmitz – Moselhöhe

The Schedule

The trainings will take place on June 26 and 27, 2024


Free choice of training stations


Dynamic riding in small groups with instructor on circuit

The Price

The price for training participation including catering on one of the two days is 179.90 €. Participants booking both days will receive a merchandise voucher from Wunderlich and Hakvoort/Hanko each, totaling 50.00 €. Limited number of participants.

Accommodation Options

Hotel Laacher Lay

Address: Bahnstraße 66 56743 Mendig
Phone: 02652 - 93647001

Hotel Felsenkeller

Address: Bahnstr. 35 56743 Mendig
Phone: 02652 - 97060


Address: Bildhauer-Moog-Str. 1 56736 Kottenheim
Phone: 02651 - 7029477

Hotel Hansa

Address: Laacher-See-Str. 11 56743 Mendig
Phone: 02652 - 97080