Wunderlich R nineT Regular/Pure centre stand - black

Wunderlich R nineT Regular/Pure centre stand - black

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The centre stand is the most important option for a motorcycle, but one that for some unknown reason isn't part of the standard series fittings. Since only a centre or centre stand offers real stability, we have designed our retrofittable centre stands to be stable and user-friendly (ideal leverage on the cantilever for easy jacking-up of the bike). Essential for maintenance work (oil changes, oil level checks), care and most importantly for easy loading of the bike. Simple installation, delivery includes all assembly parts.

The facts:


  • Optimum stability under any load
  • Perfect leverage for easy jacking
  • Original attachment points for easy mounting and high stability
  • Robust stop
  • Double-spring assembly for maximum security
  • Thick-walled and powder coated steel tubing
  • Includes all assembly parts
  • Includes special tool for tightening springs
  • Easy assembly

Technical data

  • Material: Steel tube, thick-walled, black powder-coated steel tube
  • Cleanly welded in a welding mould with a high-quality finish
  • Double spring assembly


  • Wunderlich product. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • Included German Type approval
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in Germany
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stevige middenbok
By Han, posted on 14 January 2020
Deze middenbok is van een heel goede kwaliteit. Zeker als je de motor op een veerboot moet vastzetten gaat dit veel beter dan op de zijstandaard. Het is ook veel makkelijker om de motor op de middenbok even na te lopen voor de routine controles. Dankzij de duidelijke handleiding is het monteren goed zelf te doen.
Absolute necessary
By Roland, posted on 16 October 2019
The kit fits perfect and looks factory fitted. The bike takes much less space in the garage once lifted onto the center stand. The instructions are easy to understand. In my case the stand would touch ever so lightly one of the exhaust clamps when the bike was taken down. I just moved the clamp a few millimetres and operation is smooth now. Cleaning and tyre/oil checking is so much easier. Great product.
R Nine T centre stand - an excellent piece of kit
By Mike, posted on 15 August 2019
All my previous BMW's have had a centre stand, and I always used a centre stand in preference to a side stand. Having only a side stand was the only minus point on my R Nine T. For me a centre stand always seems more stable, and allows for regularly checking the tyres, oil and if need be removing a wheel at the road side. This kit has been very well thought out. The parts all fit together well and are very well finished. I found assembly very straightforward, and the instructions are comprehensive. There was no problem with compatibility with my Wunderlich peg lowering kit. I have a Holan pannier kit fitted to my machine and putting the bike onto the centre stand is pretty easy, and gets easier once you have done it a few times. It is well balanced. I would recommend the kit to anyone. It is of high quality, easy to fit and looks factory fitted. A must for anyone travelling any distance. For me cornering is unaffected.
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