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Motorcycle suspensions, when really good, are much like high-quality sound systems. They're full of mysteries for most of us, and the meanings of terms like impedance or rebound remain obscure. Yet, all we want is to enjoy our favourite music or our ride to the fullest. The good news is: you don't have to become a HiFi or suspension nerd because fortunately, there are experts and specialists with knowledge.

The team at the Wunderlich Suspension Center consists of such experts. Not for High Fidelity but for High Ridelity

Excellent: Our Partners

TracTive Suspension

TracTive presents itself as a young and innovative company from the "Dutch Suspension Valley." Even before its founding in 2010, the specialists were already successful in the field of suspension optimizations for the aftermarket, motorsport, and electronic suspensions. TracTive's core competence lies in electronically controlled, adaptive spring and damping systems.

Adaptive Suspensions

Regarding adaptive suspension components, TracTive relies on the innovative, in-house, and patented DDA valve. DDA stands for Dynamic Damping Adjustment. The quality of the DDA valve surpasses that of stock valves in terms of adjustment range, adjustment speed, and resulting damping dynamics. Carefully manufactured in small series, precision and consistent quality at the highest level are ensured. TracTive configures the dynamic damping valve for specific purposes such as sport, touring, or adventure, to perfectly match the desired damping characteristics. Moreover, the components can always be Plug & Play replaced with the original suspension components. This offers the possibility to revert to the original suspension if necessary.

Conventional Suspension Components

Even the conventional shock absorbers and fork cartridges demonstrate high stress resistance thanks to their high-quality manufacturing, even under extreme loads.

Wilbers Products GmbH – Performance Suspension

The traditional company Wilbers has been producing spring elements in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, for almost 40 years. Since 2015, Wilbers manufactures exclusive suspension components according to our specifications. This includes individual solutions such as lowering or raising the bike.

Adaptive Suspensions

Regarding adaptive suspension components, Wilbers follows its own proven philosophy. Wilbers continues to use the original BMW damping valve. This saves parts costs, but it is necessary to couple the Wilbers and BMW components. Thus, reverting to the original suspension is considerably more complex. The adoption of the series regulation valve saves costs and, consequently, is reflected in the lower price of the Wilbers components for the customer.

Conventional Suspension Components

The range of Wilbers shock absorbers is extremely extensive and diverse. It offers suspension solutions for numerous motorcycle brands and models for upgrading or replacement. Even for older bikes with conventional suspensions, numerous high-quality and solid suspension components can be found in the Wilbers program.

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Upgrade? Replacement? Why even a new suspension ...

Perhaps the stock suspension doesn't suit personal preferences because you want to orient it in a specific direction, perhaps sporty or touristic, for frequent off-road use or heavy loads. Maybe it's also worn out and aged, in which case a new, high-quality suspension offers entirely new possibilities for a personally tailored upgrade.

The Wunderlich Suspension Center

We're here to advise you personally. And expertly.

If you're interested, we'll be happy to provide competent advice tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us anytime and tell us your questions and desires. We don't just find any solution, but the right solution for you!

In our service center, we also perform installation (including integration with vehicle electronics) and all maintenance work on Wunderlich Suspension systems upon request. For our customers, this means individuality, quality, and service at the highest level.

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Professional installation and individual adjustment.

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