Wunderlich Suspension.

Highest quality. Individually configurable. Fully adjustable.

Wunderlich Suspension-Center

Highest quality. Individually configurable. Fully adjustable.

In the Wunderlich Suspension Centre it's about the suspension and the components in the Wunderlich Suspension range. Grab the opportunity to get a suspension analysis carried out by our certified specialists. Our team are happy to provide you with the following services:

  • Suspension analysis
  • Suspension service
  • Suspension alignment
  • Suspension modification

Want some advice about Wunderlich Suspension? Our specialists are happy to advise you.
In this video we show you how we equipped a BMW R 1250 GS with a Wunderlich Suspension and lowered the GS by a good 30 mm.

The suspension...

Our sophisticated suspension configurator that lets you put together suspension components for your BMW motorcycle any way you like it immensely popular. It's easy to use: You can enter all of the necessary parameters and requirements and what you get are high-quality suspension components that are tailored to you and your personal needs, that are easy for you to install in your vehicle by yourself or that you can even have installed in our Workshop Service and Test Centre.

Based on many discussions with our customers, we have however gained the impression that the suspension technology involved and the jargon that it comes with like 'dampening', 'traction and pressure phase' or 'spring rate' can be a closed book for many. Our customers often notice something isn't right with their suspension, either the front wheel is bouncing and dampening differently to the rear wheel, the machine feels like its "racing" through bends or the frame is "shuddering somehow". But many people who don't regularly deal with suspensions have no idea which screws need to be tightened, whether the suspension elements are worn, or whether a yoke is tension-mounted, for example. Sometimes a suspension service is all that's needed to fix the issue. Yet that feeling that something doesn't feel quite right is crucial because it gives the specialist the first important indications for assessing the state of a suspension and determining what can be done to help.

The first step that we recommend is an inspection of the suspension.