Wunderlich R 1200 GS LC "Hybrid"

Once again, we have shown our competence and our leading role in the areas of innovation and motorcycle technology. At the EICMA we present the first BMW R 1200 GS LC in the world with additional front-wheel drive.

Already in the past year, Wunderlich has shown off a 156 horsepower scrambler prototype on the basis of a GS LC. "We want to show what is going on and establish standards!" Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann states. "In the meantime, our concept vehicles are traditional and symbolise our know how and our status as a manufactory of ideas."


The Wunderlich GS hybrid has a ten-kilowatt electrical front wheel gearbox, which offers several new sturdy advantages. The big enduro does not just have much more propulsion on the ground, the powered front wheel also draws the GS through curves quickly. "The increased performance can be clearly felt in the driving operation," says Frank Hoffmann. The additional operation is always efficient. Thus, for example, the energy produced while braking the GS is used to recharge the battery. 

Refined detail: The front-wheel operation, adjustable during operation, can be used entirely on its own. It operates on electric with the combustion motor turned off, and up to 20 kilometres per hour. Used as manoeuvring assistance, the electric motor even allows for reverse function at three kilometres per hour. This is extremely practical for parking the heavy GS on a slope.

Nearly all the changes to the GS series, including the chassis set-up to balance out the additional weight, stem from the pens of the Wunderlich developers. For the implementation of this electric concept, the engineers at Wunderlich have also taken on board the company evolt. The resourceful Italians are electric mobility specialists for the two-wheeler and have co-developed some of the electrical components.

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