F 850 GS – Pure love of adventure

Compared to the F 750 GS, the emphasis on the F 850 GS was on greater performance, more torque, even more pronounced travel Enduro properties and, with a 21" front wheel, on more off-road capability in particular. Since we and our factory rider and multiple-times German Enduro champion Dirk Thelen equipped it immediately after its release, it has this in spades - as it impressively proved in the Enduro d’Agadir.

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Mission D'Agadir

A successful Dirk Thelen at the Enduro d’Agadir

Wunderlich, the BMW motorcycle accessories specialist, has an absolute specialist for demanding rally and enduro events. The Sinzig-based company relies on its pleasant and calm works rider Dirk Thelen, who is a several-times German Enduro champion from the Eifel region. He’s always top notch when it comes to tricky, challenging offroad tasks.

And this year was no different: after 2011 (on a BMW F 800 GS), 2012 as the winner (on a BMW X 450) and 2013 (on a BMW R 1200 GS LC), Wunderlich again lined up to take part in the Enduro d’Agadir together with Dirk from 6 to 9 March 2018.

Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad wanted to put the sporty F 850 Touring Enduro through an ultimate endurance test. The machine, which received a great deal of attention at the 2017 EICMA trade show, was close to its market launch.

BMW Motorrad provided the brand-new BMW F 850 GS for the Agadir event, while Wunderlich nominated Dirk Thelen as its rider for the Enduro d’Agadir after he meticulously prepared the bike on Wunderlich’s premises for the event.

Dirk remarks: The new BMW F 850 GS is a touring enduro which is suitable for long distances in a field of wild sports enduro machines. Our bike weighs nearly 230 kg and has an engine performance of 95 hp. All of the competitor machines weigh 120 kg, and their engine performance varies between 40 and 55 hp. What makes Agadir so appealing is the fact that you can ride a BMW touring enduro and perfectly illustrate that you’re still completely competitive within an equally challenging offroad and sports terrain.?

The Enduro d’Agadir started on 6 March 2018 and, in four daily stages measuring between 174 and 239 kilometres long, took riders on a triangular journey between Morocco’s port city of Agadir, Tafraoute in the country’s south-east, and Tiznit. Both the start and the finish are in Agadir, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Situated at a height of roughly 1000 metres, Tafraoute in the south-east is in the Anti-Atlas mountain range, a rocky landscape of shimmering red granite that is as barren as it is impressive. From there, the route headed west, through Tiznit at the base of the Anti-Atlas mountains. It then took riders north and back towards Agadir.

The Wunderlich core competencies

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All-round protection and safety.

If you’re one for riding your Enduro offroad, we offer excellent components to protect your GS. No matter whether you need an engine protection bar or a tank protection bar, engine and manifold protection, axle crash pads or our cooler protection, our equipment prevents serious and costly damage to your bike should the worst happen. What’s more, our high-quality protective components help to prevent damage to the engine or aggregates (e.g. on the exposed water pump), so that you can continue on your journey despite crashing. An important aspect – and not just for long-distance riders stranded in the desert

Our side stand enlarger is naturally a must-have piece of equipment on every enduro: The bike remains in a secure upright position even when fully loaded, whatever surface it’s on.