R 1200 GS LC Scrambler

With our “SpeedCruiser” on the base of a HP2 Sport and our Nakedbike “Piranha”, which arouse from a S 1000 RR, we have already proven our competence in creating brachial conversions. Both motorcycles convince optically and set new standards regarding performance and handling.

Our Scrambler is now the evidence that our ideas are still expandable. In cooperation with our partner Sport-Evolution, a motorcycle specialist from Koblenz, we have completely disassembled the water-cooled 2013 GS, right after its release and constructed a genuine and impressive Scrambler.


We have exchanged nearly everything of the GS. The telelever was replaced by a completely self-constructed top yoke. New camshafts, lighter connecting rods and forged pistons do now their job in a stronger engine, where the cylinder heads and wiring harness have also been completely renewed - inclusive sharper injection electronics. By the way, the framework, suspension, tank, wheels, seat and many other parts were also replaced. 

Now, the GS is definitely no longer a GS, it is a real Scrambler – to one hundred percent. Steve McQueen, the “King of Cool”, would have been delighted. And if not for this scrambler, to which other would the motto of the Scrambler icon McQueen fit better? „Racing is life, everything before and after is just waiting!“

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After image
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Product highlights

Brake caliper cover rear Brake caliper cover rear Brake caliper cover rear
Brake caliper cover rear
Part No. 41990-002

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